I suggest , with the advent of The Gunner no longer allowing the posting of reunions more than 3 months in advance, that a sticky be created to allow reunions to be posted on this forum. Any objections / comments??

5 Regt every first friday in november in the Dog and Gun Huddersfield.Pub is now called Chads but don't let that put you off turning up.Great night had by all every year,going strong now for 20 years.
EXBQMS said:
L (Nery) Bty and N Bty (The Eagle Troop) 26th August at Barnard Castle

O Bty (The Rocket Troop) Reunion weekend this year is being held on Fri 13th-Sat 14th Oct in Blackpool

Lots of other reunions here
I am aiming to go, do i need to speak to Geo Fos or can i just turn up. BQ if you have any details or G F's no can you plse pm me cheers.
94 (New Zealand) Bty are holding a re-union in Newcastle under Lyme on Saturday 16th September 206. Anyone interested PM me and I'll give you info on the organiser.
49 (Inkerman) Bty OCA, reunion w/e 1,2,3 Sept at The Quality Hotel, Walsall (J10 - M6). Normally held every two years and in November (5 Nov = Inkerman Day). Brought forward this year due to commitments of 49(Inkerman) Head Quarters Bty. All ex members of the Bty, from any era, welcome.

See details Here

Further details and booking, contact Wes Harding on 01845 524015 or Terry Walton on 01922 864 082
Just a note from Regimental history, in 1960-63 in Cyprus 49 (iInkerman) 68 and 94 (New Zealand) formed 42 regt, the LAD had a strange misshapen dog that they called Gobshoite. Any relation. Jonah 94 bty Fitter.
Hi all, newbie member here

where the chuff is Barnard Castle?

I'm an ex Eagle & i was thinking about going to a reunion.

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