Gunner Recruitment Changes.

Moring all - Long time lurker, first time poster (be gentle...)

I'm currently slogging throught the recruitment process, Have my ADSC in a couple of weeks. I've applied for Gunner, Op Ack.

During my interview with the careers office manager, he told me that the Royal Artillery have changed the way they recruit. Applicants no longer specify a job role before Phase 2. They are sent where they are needed.

Can anyone shed any further light on this?

I'm pretty open to what i'll do within the Artillery there is a few jobs i've got an interest in. but there are a few that I wouldn't want to do.
How does a recruit get streamed now? Do i get to specify a preference, how are jobs now assigned? What are the chances of getting the job I applied for?!

Thanks in advance.

That's pretty much the way they have always done it, its neigh on impossible to promise OP Ack jobs to every man jack that wanders in through the door.

What you will have is the opportunity to request a job and a Regt, neither of which is a guarantee unless you volunteer for 29 Commando RA or 7 Para RHA, even then all you guarantee is serving in a Lt Gun Regt, in fact the only unit you can guarantee your job is 4/73 Bty

In my day you were streamlined down to initial testing, affectionately known as BARB nowadays, the smarter of the brood would be pointed at the more techy jobs (that would be UAV, ASP, LCMR, etc) the less smart would head for things that went bang However that's a very wide yard stick to measure from.

I believe the rule of thumb for an OP at the moment is turn up at your Regt, impress, get selected. If you want it you need to prove you are good enough.

Good luck
Thanks for that mate,

The way my careers advisor spoke about it made it sound like a recent change. I am considering 4/73 Bty, just looks like hard thing to do. But i've got nothing to loose right!

My preference would be with one of the more cerebral parts of the RA such as the ISTAR/Op Ack/UAV side of things, rather the 'things that go bang'

I guess it's just a case of taking the plunge, getting through Phase 1 and 2 and hoping to impress the right people and request the right job role!

The problem is with the Army's job website, the way it breaks down all the jobs gives the applicant the idea that they are applying for that job in particular.

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