Gunner Receives MC in Op Telic Awards

I see some of our brethren have received awards from Op Telic. One of which was an MC for a BK in the airborne brotherhood. Well done to them all.
Do you know exactly what he got it for ? As there is no mention on mod site.


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Not to belittle him...

He donned his pink lid during an artillery duel and wandered around the battery position with a cigar lit.

It is when you're getting the shit shelled out of you!
:?: as I remeber it, it was G Bty who were under fire as they moved on to the gun posn. F bty had received one round in front of their position. Another question, the 16 AABde website says that they were in the middle of a fire mission when they got counter battery fire, and that they left the guns and got in the trenches. Is that true?
G bty were under fire as they drove to a position on the Haamas canal and at a couple of positions further north. F and I btys were both shelled with airburst when G bty went to Nasiriyah. As for the guys leaving the guns........ I'm not F bty and wasn't there.

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