Gunner OP outline training



(Phase 1)


Pirbright, Surrey


12/14 weeks

Whats involved?

Skills such as:

Skills at arms
First aid
Nuclear / Biological / Chemical protection
Physical training
Map reading

Phase 2


Larkhill, Salisbry Plain


12 weeks

Whats involved

Trade training:

Learn to drive
Initially trained in artillery Command Systems- so able to operate communication equipment
Learn how to use secure voice and data communication systems to locate enemy and relay information by radio and data link to the guns.
Sports and adventure training.

Job details

Seeks out the enemy targets and directs artillery fire from guns, rockets, mortars, fast jets, attack helicopters to them,
Works in small team alongside infantry or amour,
Responsible for constant surveillance of an area of the battlefield,
Equipped with hi-tech night and thermal sights and a surveillance-radar capable of picking up movements of tanks and personnel,
May also drive and maintain the Warrior armoured vehicle which equips the artillery OP`s in the AS 90 regiments and allow them to move with armoured infantry and tanks.

Have I missed out any main parts to this job. I have my 1st interview next week and I want to make sure I know all the basic parts about the job.


War Hero
Advanced brew-making skills. And you'll probably spend some time on the guns too when you get to your unit (if it's a field unit) irrespective of your trade training. You then get invited to join the OP's . Alternatively you could apply for 148 battery (or Sphinx I guess) but even so I would still suggest putting in a bit of time in a field regiment first. Good luck with your interview.


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You'll need to be/get pretty fit too. Dismounted OP work means lugging a fair bit of kit in addition to ammo/food/water etc. Have a good sense of humour and keep it when your knackered, soaked, cold, and trying not to get sniped. Good luck though.


ther is more to being an OP than what you think, it is a very difficult job that some people jsut dont understand


always been shite at spelling and proper England :thumright:

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