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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mr.Brown, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I should introduce myself, my name is Rory and I'm from Australia. I've been saving for a trip to Europe for a few months now, and generally trying to work out what to do with myself. Anyway I had applied for the Army Reserve (TA) here, and after a few months of going through the painfully inefficient (privatized) recruiting process, I was advised to go for Officer training. To cut a long story short, I was declined at the last hurlde from the role because I have no prior leadership experience, and none of the "expert" recruiters had actually asked me that question during the preceeding process.
    Anyway, I stumbled across the fact that Australian citizens are eligible for service in the British Army, and I'm generally not feeling like going to uni right now, so I decided to travel over and apply (I'm waiting on the pack, should be in the mail soon). I'm much more attracted to the diversity of jobs and postings in the British Army than I am to serving in the deserts here, coupled with the generally better benefits and the near-certainty of being deployed on Ops (this appeals to me).
    Anyway, I'm looking to apply for Infantry, Armour or Artillery, if I go RA then I'll be most interested in the OP Assistant trade, and I was wondering how much of a shot a raw recruit has for this role. I graduated High School in the top 15th percentile of my state if it helps.
    Any advice from those who know would be greatly appreciated. I'm also especially hoping to get posted in Germany.
  2. Mr Brown welcome cobber!

    A few thoughts from me - do you have A-level equivalent (after high school, before uni)?

    In UK you do GCSEs at high school, then A-levels at 6th form or college and then onto uni. you can apply to go to Sandhurst to complete Offr Trg from post A-level or post Degree. It seems odd you were rejected in Aus purely for having no leadership experience - you should gain that in training (unless Aus commissioning system is wildly different from ours - my Aussie Officer mates say not).

    If you intend to join as a soldier, then I would recommend the Gunners (unbiaised obviously) due to the variety in trades available, the special job opportunities (Para/Cdo/Spec OP) and the fact that you WILL deploy on ops and probably in the infantry role and gunner role at some point in your career. I don't know about the joining process for Commonwealth soldiers, but your incoming pack will probably help.

    As in other threads in Gunners forum, you can go for OP Ack straight from phase 2 trg (your Gunner training following Basic Army Phase 1).

    Posting to Germany is great - gives you a bit more pay than in UK and lots of perks. As you are from overseas anyway, the downside of not being in UK and near "home" wouldn't make much difference!

    It would be unusual though - alot of guys go the other way - UK Army to Aus, rather than the route you're looking at, but good luck.
  3. lol consider me part of a trade. And yeah Year 12 in Australia is the new name for Form 6, I'm getting the impression that A Grade is what we call VCE in my state, which is the stage at which students do elective subjects and complete by sitting exams that determine their University Entry Score (ENTER in my state). It's not compulsory, that ends at Year 10 here, which is when most people who choose to do Trades leave school. And you can be kicked out of VCE for serious misconduct or consistent failure. I'm not sure if that helps.
    And yes OP Assistant is definately my first preference, I figure this way I get to experience a mix of Infantry, Armour and Artillery roles (with a little signals thrown in) in just 4 years. And as for Officer training, I feel I'd rather stick to enlisted, maybe after I get a uni degree I might apply for it, but for now I just want to go out and do something different. That was the other reason they turned me down, "emotional maturity, but a youthful lack of experience".
    But I don't think Command is for me. Not now anyway.
    Cheers for the help mate, glad to know I have a shot at my first preference.
  4. Girlies in OPs ? Not sure, not in my day but I left the regs in 99

    However they are on guns and air defence and people can bleat on about OP infantry type role but they are very much in the firing line on a weapon system.

    During my short tenure up in Catterick I can confirm there are (or were) ladies in 4/73, however they didn't let me hold their shitbag open for them no matter how much I begged as they spent their time in the command post box body and didn't do OP selection.
  5. Wellyhead - you have brightened my day...
  6. I got a degree after leaving and enquired about officer. I was politely to go get fooked. he he. (i was only enquiring and was not serious about joining back up) but how nice it would have been to bump into some old hats eh. Plus i'm as far from officer material as you can get.

    I was OP and I can honsestly say it was a decent life away from the guns and the BSM. The tanky QM came round nightly with a wagon full of ale (which you could get on tick) (which i never saw happen on the guns line not with our BSM anyway).

    So if an ozzie can join the Brit army can a Brit join the Ozzy army and if so do i get citizenship? where do I sign up if the answer is yes and yes. :)

    Would this work in Canada or NewZealand too?

  7. lol, we don't seem to be reciprocating this program, since you have to get your PR before you can join here. Not sure about the other Comm countries though. We should all have the same rules as the UK, that way the ADF would get 10 000 ultra-nails Nigerian recruits a year who couldn't care less about where they get sent, so long as they get paid and fed.
  8. Erm...Ibbo was lucky - we never get fed in the field. Attached arm (Inf or Cav) forget we exist, Guns assume we get fed by attached arm. When someone finally remembers, we get chopped to another Coy or Sqn and miss out's good for weight loss though!
  9. Indeed.
  10. 10 000 ultra-nails Nigerians come monthly anyway so why not put them to use. :)

    django_strikes did you never try feeding yourself mate. I heard it works wonders for your protruding ribs problem :) And if that fails wait till one of the infantry goes on stag and raid his kit.

    You'll get a twat mag if nowt else :)

  11. Beer on tick ?No Fekker told me!Jack w*nkers!