Gunner OP assistant, what will I be doing when on base?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by stav23, May 9, 2008.

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  1. I passed selection and im off to pirbright for phase 1 training on 9th of june. I know what I will be doing when on exercise and operations but what will i be doing while im on base in the uk? I know there are a few on here that know this role very well and any info will be much appreciated.

    Cheers Add.
  2. Back on base ? Thats when you get to clean the guns :p
  3. After you,ve licked the the BK,s Bollock,sof course.
  4. not fogeting sweeping gun parks, picking up leaves,and pushing landrovers round to preserve fuel at least thats what us cold war warriors did in Germany during the 80's
  5. Also it's a camp! The RAF and the Septics have bases :roll:
  6. Spent most of my time in the OP stores having a brew and pretending to be cleaning kit... :wink:
  7. ok cheers gents
  8. When did you do selection?
  9. i did it on the 28th of april at lichfield
  10. or AFV recognition
  11. I'll see you at pirbright on the 9th mate.

    How you feeling?
  12. yeah cant wait, hopefully gunna get a holiday to napa before hand, what you joining as?
  13. Aiya napa's top mate, been there years ago.

    Im going in as a gunner, special observer. - Tough work ahead, but its all good.

    Been in before and the basic training now, is brilliant compared to what it used to be.
  14. yeah i know, i went there last year :p .
  15. Like with all units in all roles, your in camp responsibilites will be kit maintenance and camp security (the latter is dependendant on wheter you have MPGS)

    A normal day will be

    Stables (working in the garage)
    NAAFI Break
    Knock off

    add in PT in the morning and the odd sports afternoon and thats the bulk of it.

    It may sound tedious but there is infact a lit of work to keep the kit on the road especially if you are in an Armoured unit.

    If you join 7/29/40 or even Special OPs then there will be less maint and more phys.

    Thats the average day, however mommentum picks up when approaching Exercise/Mill skills comp/Op Tour training. All of those come round at an alarming rate so, sometimes its quite nice to hide in the garages.