Gunner OP assistant direct entry

Hi there Im currently in the middle of applying for the army and my first job choice is observation post assistant. the impression I got from the royal artillery leaflets and brochures asawell as my afco was that this is a job you can go directly into from phase 2 training as you can specialize in targeting during phase 2. however after a lot of googling I've seen info that contradicts this saying you will start out working the guns then move to op assistant?? just want to know if you can go straight to op assistant basically, as it sounds like a quality job

Isn't 4/73 the special observer role? Beccause I've looked that role up and by the sound if it you have to be absolutely nails to pass the course. So basically you are assigned where youre needed when you pass phase 2? And you can choose to specialize when your within your regiment?

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