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Hi folks,

I’m wondering if anyone can satisfy my curiosity about the procedure for joining the Gunners as an Officer after Sandhurst. Is it similar to the Infantry where you select a Regiment with the RA and are posted in and out of that same Regiment throughout your career, or are Officers posted to different regiments during their careers?

Secondly, the Regiment that particularly appeals to me is an RHA Regiment – are they particularly difficult to be posted to in comparison to other Gunner Regiments?


You will spend roughly 2-3 yrs in post, that may mean a move of regiment every 2-3 yrs but its quite common for many officers to stay with one particular Regt till they hit Capt. Don't forget that a Regt in the Royal REGIMENT of Artillery is roughly the same make up as an infantry bn, so although you move Regts, you will keep capbadges, unless you do in fact join the RHA and start wearing a woman's brooch on your beret.

Is RHA more difficult to get into ? Depends on the Regt, with 7th its done to fitness and general ability, with 1st its down how many acres Daddy owns and 3rd its normally how old your MG is
Wager, a few points:
- If you are a graduate, you will spend 2.5 yrs in your 1st Regiment, unless 7 (Para) RHA or 29 Cdo RA in which case 3 yrs.
- The choice of Regiment is not necessarily up to you; not all Regiments will offer places to each YOs course and the operational needs of the Army must come first. The YO's cse staff will have a good idea of where you would suit. That said, of course you will be able to state a preference which will be taken into account wherever possible.
- If a graduate, you will reach Capt by the end of the 1st tour, after which you can change Regiment and/or discipline - the Gunners are all about variety. Or indeed you can carry out a job external to the RA, e.g. a trg Regt/ADC/recruiting etc.
- You are pretty much guaranteed an op tour in the first couple of years. There's certainly plenty of Regimental pride but there is no room for exclusionism or stereotyping nowadays; the RA is simply too busy, working in a multi-discipline environment.
One to bear in mind before getting too fixated on a particular Regiment...
Schnapps, good post, thanks for that.

Just to be clear - the 3 RHA preference is based on role and recruiting area, nothing else!
I think it unwise to pick a regiment purely because of the recruiting area as this can at times be misleading. 39 Regt RA, for instance, are ostensibly the Welsh Gunners, but since they're 20 miles from Newcastle City centre, can you guess where most of them are really from?

Also, 3RHA used to recruit from north of the Tyne, so there are a lot of Geordies still in the regiment. In fact, along with Jocks, you'll find them pretty much everywhere in the army!

There are far better reasons to want to join a regiment than where the blokes are recruited from, as you'll always have a rather eclectic mix.
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