Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Hatter1, May 12, 2009.

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  1. i am just wondering what regiments i could join if i were to be a O P assistant and where would those regiments be based?

  2. Have a look on, and try and find out which RA regiments have FST's.
  3. thanks, i looked all over the internet for it and found nothing.

    cheers again
  4. OPa and Special Observer are different things.

    Every RA / RHA Regt with guns has OP's.... thus OP Assistants
  5. You will find that all RA regiments equipped with light gun or AS90 have OPs/FSTs, therefore have OP Assistants. As Alicio said, 5 Regt RA have 4/73 Battery which is a different thing to OPA. Click this link and have a look at guns and specialists.
  6. Special Observers are at 5 Reg RA Catterick.

    I did some research myself on OP Assistant a while ago and came up with the following regiments that have OP's.

    1 RHA, Tidworth, Wiltshire.
    3 RHA, Horne, Germany.
    4 RA, Topcliffe, N.Yorks.
    19 RA, Tidworth, Wiltshire.
    26 RA, Gutesloh (spelling), Germany.
    40 RA, Lisburn, N.I.

    Last time I checked all of the above Regiments were either light gun or as90 so all require a Fire Support Team (FST).
  7. Don't forget 29 Cdo and 7RHA They need OPA as well and, if you're really hard there's 148 Cdo Bty who also do Naval Gunfire Support as well as everything else
  8. Ah yes, forgot about those 2, whoops :D