Gunner Menu

Found this from 1970 when I was clearing out behind the bar in the Mess and felt it deserved a wider audience.



You've got a good job!
Clearing out the bar is not that exciting...
Its excellent.

I assume its the Bolton Gunners. Is this the same TA unit that once took the Bolton Wanderers football team for their 1939-45 World Tour?
For the sake of completeness here is the bottom half of the frame.

Sadly the glass was broken, the picture torn and it is rather tatty. If I can get the two halves separated, I would like to keep the menu in the frame.



Fletcher Street eh, sad that SDR saw it turned into a shelter for Homeless families.

Still that takes me back a few years. Happy Days :D

I take it the battery prized historical records were from the Officers Mess?
Can't ever recall seeing that picture in mine.


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