Gunner Major fighing brain cancer and raising cash for cancer research.


I know all non-dropshorts will find this amazing, but Gunners can sometimes have brains!

However as proof that we shouldn't, one of the few planks to have a brain has gone and got brain cancer. This proof that Gunners shouldn't have brains in the first place is a view that as an ex 22RA and 4RA man I fully support!

Have a read here:

Gunner Major battles brain cancer

So what? Well if you read the article then you will see that far from crawling up into a little ball and giving up or being angry with the world (and I would be a crying useless heap screaming at everything), Claire is busy doing charity runs and other events all over the place to raise some cash for cancer research.

The good news is that you too can help: Claire Button is fundraising for Brain Tumour Research

Don't be shy and it is all in a good cause.


All the best Claire, Up 50, 10 RFFE at that nasty target. I ll be supporting. Ubique


Many thanks for the support!

To all the other people on the site: don't pretend you spent your cash on Valentine's Day presents, dinners, etc: I know you are all sad and lonely individuals who spent that night thrapping, alone, to the vilest material the internet has to offer (same as every other night).

As a result you all have bags of cash: please donate to a worthy cause!
Done mate!...Good luck to her and her family.



For those with bratwurst fingers and small brains (so most users on this site then!), cheques can also be sent.

Cheques should be payable to ‘Central Bank HQ RA’ - please write on the back ‘Brain Tumour Research’.

Send me a PM and I will send you the address.

Cough up!
Donated. Sorry it could'nt be more, but next payday is'nt for three weeks...


Many thanks Werewolf!

No need to apologise for the amount: every bit helps. If enough people donate even just a few quid each we will still help Claire reach her target.



Right lads+lasses!

You have all been paid: time to donate the price of pint! All donations welcome either via Justgiving or PM me for an address you can send a cheque to.

Many thanks to those who have contributed already: every penny helps.


Right you sods! Read the links...

...cough up some cash!

Many thanks again to those that have done so, and to those that haven't: please give a small donation (or a large one!).

All help very gratefully received.


Ex 22RA, 4RA, currently 1 (Hu) Civ DIV.


Evening all!

A very honest bump to your wallets. If you don't donate money then I'll post photos of my bum on here. Not a pretty sight!

You have been warned...

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