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Gunner Magazine Online

Gunner Mag online?

  • Yes - but you should have to pay for it

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  • Maybe - it's the only post I get

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Is it a good idea to put Gunner Magazine online?

Good Points:

It would be good for the Gunner fraternity deployed and living overseas to get a copy rather than have it lost by the internal mail.
It would also save on printing costs,those awful plastic bags and help the environment!

Bad point:

You would not get the 'new Gunner Smell' which wafts into your nostrils when you open it!

It would be a good idea to have it online. I dont have the honour of opening a Gunner Magazine of my own yet, i just wait and steal someone elses once they have finished with it.
Posting The Gunner online would be extremely popular, accessible to all and would indeed save on printing and postal costs.

If The Gunner is availabe online, would it be free?
What would happen to the income it receives from subscriptions?
goatbagthedruid said:
shouldn't have forgotten the RA Journal and other interesting publicatiosn. They could be held on ArmyNet if at the RESTRICTED level?

You can't put RESTRICTED on armynet...
msr said:
You can't put RESTRICTED on armynet...
Ah, the downfall of my plan for the RA Journal!

However, Gunner is UNCLASSIFIED and therefore could do; the RA Jounal and associated pamphlets could go on the underused RA DII intranet site!

I always enjoy the RA Journal - not the "ooh aren't i clever I've had an idea about radars/MLRS or 2 man crews" sorts of things but the historical gear.
Having an (Almost) complete collection of The Gunner, I would prefer to see it remain in paper form, I know I'm sad, but rthere you go, I'm also oldfashioned!!

I don;t really see why we couldn't have both versions.
I prefer to get it by post. The other half complains I spend too much time on here as it is. Also it is easier to pass it on to those who don`t have internet.
The effort in creating Gunner online is as great as a paper copy. The Gunner is threatened because in common with other Regimental magazines and Corps journals MOD are withdrawing financial cover for staff. Who will edit and maintain the online copy? Does every OP Ack and FOO have access at the sharp-end to www. etc? Veterans with no IT to hand are removed from the info loop. Contact the Editor with your support!
goatbagthedruid said:
Victorian_Major said:
You have an interesting copy of the RA Journal? Wow.
Heaven forbid that someone would read a journal from where they work and be interested in it. I hate professionalism!

Sort of my point really. It was professionalism that made me read the RA Journal and Gunner, not intrinsically interesting content or wildly attractive house style or editorial. I guess with online content there's the opportunity for there to be more contribution, more editing done by the readership and not by a crusty RO2 plugging the same pump in an HQRA sinecure. Or have things really changed?

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