I want to know what the editor of Gunner Mag has against 19 Regt, 19 Regt has just completed a very successful tour of Afghanistan which has not been mentioned once in our Regimental magazine - I know articles have been submitted so this must be the editor’s decision not to publicise 19 Regts achievements

Get a grip Gunner Mag you’re not delivering
I remember seeing articles from the MLRS battery that was attached to 19 Regt RA appear in the Gunner magazine whilst they were still in theatre, so it cannot be an issue of just not liking articles from that particular unit.

As Resurgam stated, it is probably a case of missing the deadline. Lets look at the facts, returned in October and the young officers were probably given the task of writing the articles for Gunner, POTL followed by a bit of silly season and a short December month. We will probably see the articles soon, I would not worry Wittman.
Probably a case of missing the deadline, I was much surprised when my copy of the January Gunner arrived on the 29 Dec instead of the usual 10 or 11 of Jan.

That would have drastically shortened the deadline for copy to go into the magazine.

Also, sad person that I am, I was looking through some back numbers last night, and there were some cracking articles about 19 Regt, one in particular about their FST training.
Dear Wittmann
I'm sorry you feel the Gunner mag is ignoring 19 Regt. We are very much looking forward to receiving several articles from 19. Due, I would presume, to the very reasons that GunnersQuadrant mentions, we have not seen any yet... Please be assured that as soon as we get them, they will go in the next available issue.
Gunner Mag
warrior8234mkIIIA2 said:
sure that one of the editions had 19 Regt lads on the front cover
no your mistaken thats 32 regt doing adventure training (again) :D
whats so adventurous about a stinking cottage in wales, (mmm the stench of pissy mattresses 8O ) or are you on about the skiing trip ( well more like drinking trip :wink: )
warrior8234mkIIIA2 said:
lol didnt look like fun adventure training then !!! p.s what is adventure training ?
Ah the very same question i would like answering...what indeed is Adventure Training????

AND.....why do so many new guys NOT wish to do it?
Because it is far too much training and not much adventure. We are to blame for changing things like Snow Queen ( rough housing, sleeping bags and compo into Winter warrior beds, duvets and centrally cooked food.

Take it back to the real deal and the enjoyment factor will incraese, sadly so will the risks and dangers but isn't that also what adventure is about.
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