Gunner looking for a new unit.

Afternoon boys and girls.
I'm currently on the books with an RHA unit back home but I've recently moved down south to London and don't fancy a four hour commute every week to get back up there.
I haven't been in for a while, largely due to work commitments etc but I'm looking to get back into it now that I have a new job which is a bit more flexible.
I'm living in West London at the minute and am looking for a new unit that's relatively local although I don't mind travelling. Arty would be preferable but I'm open to suggestions.
I was part of the way through officer training before I had to stop because of work so I'd ideally like to get that going again, but I accept that I'll probably have to start from the beginning.
Any suggestions, recommendations or advice would be appreciated.
The Royal Yeomanry is based at Putney Bridge if that works for you in West London. If you are arty then the thinking soldier aspect of recce might appeal to you more than some of the inf options.

We are having an open evening on 5 September at 2030 so if you are interested PM me with your name and I will book you a space. While the website is in the process of being updated (i.e. it's a bit out of date) our Facebook page has got the latest news on.
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