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Gunner Light Gun

If I became a Soldier as a Gunner with the Light Gun

As well as Operating the Light Gun as part of a mobile battlefield detachment, providing artillery support for infantry, could I also undertake an Infantry Role in the RA if I didn't volunteer, directly on entry, to serve with the Commandos or Paras?
It does occur Junkie, that if you want an infantry role within the Gunners, then perhaps you should be considering an Infantry regiment?? The RA's role is busy enough without bods who aren't sure where they want to be! That said, there are plenty of opportunities to carry out minor Infantry roles on Ops.

If you do decide to join Gods Royal Regiment and use the Light Gun....Just remember E.L.X.E.L and double check the bubble :wink: :lol:
Henry_Tombs said:
Retd_crab said:
ELXEL. Anyone remember FAME the precursor to FACE? and as for PADS.....Oh to be a TARA Sgt
I can still remember the 25 Pdr's in boys service in degree's and minutes!
when I was a young gunner my unit had recently swapped the 105 Pack Howitzer for the Light Gun. I can still remember doing a charity gun-pull with the pack - a beautifully balanced weapon

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