Gunner light gun. What is it like?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by derder, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone can give me a taster of what being a light gunner is like day to day. (I have tried the search but can't find any decent info) I'm waiting for my adsc and have chosen light gun as my first choice so I know all the info thats on the various websites but just wanted some first hand experience.

    Cheers guys
    (oh and commence the p*ss taking at will! lol)
  2. Light Gun is a top bit of kit. What's known as a Gunner's Gun. No frills, no comforts, just you plus 5 or 6 others working as a close knit team getting beasted should you be whimping it on the wheel! nuff said I guess. You will enjoy it!
  3. It is sex on a stick...AS90 is something incredible, MLRS is the grid square removal service but Light Gun is pure steam gunnery in a ready-meal format! In fact Light gun could have my children, if I wasn't already committed to the pack howitzer in a long term sentimental relationship!
  4. Cuddles, your showing your age!

    Gun No 1; " Mr Cuddles, your the nig on this gun sub.
    Y.O Cuddles; sar'nt?
    Sgt Hard - Bollox; " roll yer sleeve up and clean the Pack's muzzle brake oh and here's a shilling get down the Naffi afterwards, getus a pie a mug of tea and I'll want change"

    Light Gun superb bit of kit ( and easier to strip and clean then the Pack but not as much Fun, Anti- Tank on the Pack any one!)
  5. I was a No1 on the pack how in the OTC, and GPO thereafter on the same equipment. I then went on to Light Gun regiments...I love them both but anti-tank firing with the pack is certainly top sport!
  6. Ah pack how. A bit of a bugger if you actually had to carry it in pieces up a bit of mountainside but very few had that pleasure.

    Good rate of fire, the battery did a demo once in the 60s for assorted dignatories. IIRC one gun got 10 rds away in 60 secs and nobody sent less than 8, what's more there weren't any puffs of smoke away from the target.
  7. Was there an anti-tank round (HEAT/HESH) for the pack how?
  8. HEAT I believe. (The same ammo as the M101.)
  9. Good, glad to hear it's top notch. Cheers for the info guys, glad I've chosen it now!