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Currently going through recruitment and about to select my job choices, the above being one which is currently of interest.

I understand you can be attached to 7th para or 29 cdo??

How does that work, do you do your RA training then join a RA regt and do your wings or commando course then transfer to para or the marines or it work differently?

If you join para or marines which regiment do you then class yourself part of?

Marines are navy obviously so are you then a marine in the navy or you still classed as royal artillery in the army??



"no wah"
you will always remain a member of the royal regiment you will serve within your chosen unit be it 7 PARA RHA or 29 CDO regt.
when i did my phase 2 you had to pick a shadow unit in the event you should be a complete biff and they f**k you off. in our case it was 19 regt as they were the the only other light gun regt that wasn't attached to 3 CDO brigade or 5AB brigade. its a good course if not short and some great lads they are both very good regiments and have some excellent oppurtunities.
Good luck on whatever you decide.
You seem to want to be in a different Corps every week.


Not at all my number one choice is and always has been Formation Recce and that is whats on all my forms,

However its always wise to have a backup plan, i.e if my eyesight isnt up to scratch then i need to consider what else i want to do.

Besides, whats it to you

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