gunner light gun or rifleman

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hi all,

brand new to this site so you know, go easy, or take the p**s :nod:

waiting on finishing my degree then gonna join up next june, been down the local afco and started the application but hvnt decided on what exactly i want to do - i want to be hands on with a gun, but gunner light gun looks s**t hot.

can anyone give me any info on what its like playing with the big guns, what first roles are etc, and also whether id get the chance to go on patrol etc with a rifle like a normal rifleman would?


Search function, army careers website and possibly a look at life course with the royal artillery - ask at your careers office about that
Hi Tom,

As a Gunner Light Gun you would make up part of a six man gun detachment. You would start off as either a loader or breach operator/wheel man (the light gun requires the wheel to be removed to turn the light gun around). You will then progress onto setting the bearing and elevation of the light gun with the aid of the on-board computer. As the 2IC on the light gun you will be responsible for preparing the shells and fuses that are to be fired. As the Detachment Commander you would receive the information from the Command Post and Command the Light Gun.

There is a possibility that you can go out on patrol but from what I've heard out on Ops they're trying to keep people doing their main trade.

Have you considered Gunner Observation Post? You would be involved with the patrols and help coordinate artillery fire onto targets.
thanks avo. I dont know what 2IC means?

it seems id be better off going for rifleman then, to actually be in with a chance of firing a gun. i dont want to sound like a nutcase raring to kill but thats what id prefer to do i think - tho i do love those big guns! :D
ta. a mate did mention the TA, hvnt really looked into it tho. my mind is on summer exams for now :O

do the light guns get much action? have they been heavily used in iraq/afghan?

slightly off topic but if i join in june 2013, 6 months training il be good to go in '14. do you rteckon il get any action over there?


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Firstly, you're doing a degree. Have you thought about trying for a Commission?

Secondly, if you go OR, you will have (and some of this will apply in a different format if you elect to try for a Commission) the entire selection procedure to go through, then you will have phase 1 training (basic training) and then phase 2 (special to arm training).

So if you put your papers in tomorrow, the likelihood of you stepping out of a C130 onto foreign soil before the end of 2014 will be, to say the least, cutting it fine.

BTW if you turn up to the AFCO saying that your ambition in life is to shoot lots of people, you aren't going to get very far.
oh this is a lovely friendly place isnt it.

maybe some of you have misunderstood. first of all, i was asking for some information about the two types of roles in the army. if i would liek to be a rifleman with a rifle, thats my choice dont you think - why should i go for something that i wont like.

second, my 'ambition' in life is not to kill people. I would like to serve in combat tho, and to those of you who say its naive or youthful innocence or purely retarded may i ask you one thing - why did you join if you didnt want to serve in combat?

oh and thirdly, its a chemistry degree.

thankyou all.
In chemistry do they not start sentences with capital letters?
In chemistry do they not start sentences with capital letters?

They do indeed. Nice to see people being facetious rather than attempting to answer my question though.


Where do you lot come from? I want some information and all I get is abuse. You get your kicks from looking big on the internet? Silly feckers
Maybe if you thought a little harder and did some research amongst the stickies and popular questions you would find there is no need for your threads and the resultant abuse from those with nothing better to do. Go chat with the AFCO.
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