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Does this mean that you've got all your packing done in time to get your valise aboard the steam packet?

And that you've figured out how to use email distribution lists? :wink:
ARRSE registration is the most time consuming part of my handover programme (and the only bit that can't be done by the pool)...yes I have heard of blue tooth...!


I still have the Reg' flag of the QDG's (twinned eagles on blue background) that we "liberated" from their flagpole one night at Hohne around 1980 ish on our way back from the Astra bar, do you think they might want it back yet ?...
Double_Duck said:
I still have the Reg' flag of the QDG's (twinned eagles on blue background) that we "liberated" from their flagpole one night at Hohne around 1980 ish on our way back from the Astra bar, do you think they might want it back yet ?...
One of the subbies in our battery threw a thunderflash into the room of a certain Captain Mark (Foggy) Philips in 1973 and buggered half of his collection of LP's (remember them?). I think it was in retalation for QDG's nicking a cannon we had in the regiment.
Oh happy days when I was just a gunner with bugger all responsibility, bit like today really!
I got there in April 79 (55/49 Fld) and i remember there was a always an ongoing "contest" between us and a few of the other Regiments stationed there, it certainly livened up the early hours with running battles in the towns and ambushes in the camp, and i thought we were meant to be fighting the Soviets, damn i miss those days, i wish i was still so footloose and fancy free with no responsibilties... ;)
Ah yes, Double Duck!
I was a bit slow on the uptake with your user name, I do recall 4th Tanks kicking the sh1t out of some of our guys because they had the cheek to drink in the Wien Bar, we also had a stabbing in Tombs's Troop about two months after we arrived in Hohne (a bloke from 4 RTR took excemption to him).
I think QOH were the good guys in those days and also 36 AER were ok to get along with as well, remind me where did 4th Tanks recruit from again?............................................................................of course Glasgow!
Thats right mate, it was certainly a motley bunch all posted to the same out of the way place, its no surprise that things got a bit "heated" now and again..
P bty 5 Heavy on a regimental ex up there about '81. Something went wrong with the water bowser or norgie food container stew 'cos the whole battery went down with dysentry. Awsome! Some chaps shat everything they owned including the gun, stolly's, 10 tonner AEC and the 432's. Place looked like an African refugee camp on a really bad day. I think the cook got strung up.
joined 143 in jan 79 maade the move to 94 when they joined 45 after getting out of mctc, angie's bar, black horse burgdorf all great spots
Ahh Hohne..

I do recall that in the mid 1980s one of 40 Fd Regiment small punchy jocks had a party piece flattening Dutchmen as the came out from their Naafi. I think the story goes that he clouted about three before someone stopped him.

The Schneverdingen "incident" has to be the biggest punch up in that part of the world. About 40 years ago 129 battery went on the rampage for two days after a German driver had knocked someone over. At a reunion the man who was battery duty officer told me that after the battery had been reassembled on a bivvi platz somewhere on the S side of Hohne he took a call from the Defence Minister John Profumo ;) who wanted answers and explanations. Blighted career for the BC.....

Another old 40 Regiment story from the late 1970s involved a rather dim soldier who decided that you could buy sex at the sex shop in Guetersloh. He turned up with some firearm and told the girl to do the deed. The quick witted rape vicitm then told him how much she had enjoyed the eerrr surprise sex and asked him to come back same time tomorrow. Our lusty but dim hero did just that -to walk into the arms of the politzei.
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