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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by commzmeanzbombz, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Good afternoon fellow Gunners,

    Someone posed a question today and hopefully someone on here might be able to give me an answer!

    Why do Gunners wear the Gunner tie on a Friday?

    Is this just an informal agreement between city officer types or is there an ancient tradition?

    Do other cap badges do the same thing?


  2. If it's Friday, it's tie day...has been as long as I've been in the Gunner world, so that's 48 years. My uncles and grandfather wore their's too - so that takes us back to 1917!

    I also know that the tradition is observed by the RAA and the RCHA...presumably the RNZA as well but I cannot categorically assert that, having only ever been on the lash, in mufti with Aussie or Canadian gunners. I'll ask around at Sandown on Friday?
  3. I will be there on Friday so Gunner tie it is!
  4. The Crucifixion was held on a Friday,need one say more.....
  5. The R Signals Notes for Young Officers also used to say it was "customary to wear a Corps tie when in plain clothes on Fridays". Then again it also advised that two sits from a decent tailor were better than several from a less good one.

    The only other tie tradition I knew was being made to wear a Regimental tie at dinner once one had gone through a lady drought of more that a specified period, the tie only to be changed once jollies achieved.
  6. While we are clarifying this one, I understand that Gunner ties should be worn on a Friday, but does that mean they shouldn't be worn on any other day.
    I don't get to wear a tie all that often these days, so it would be nice to sport the Regimental tie on the occasions I do.
    Don't want to be pointed and laughed at for a tie faux pas though.
  7. Don't wear a Gunner one, then ;)
  8. Tradition has it, and it was discussed ad nauseum in The Gunner in the 70's that ties should be worn on Fridays. Having said that, there is nothing to say you can't wear it any other day of the week. You used to see plenty of them during the week at Woolwich, when it was a gunner enclave.
  9. Any day of the week is OK, just that Friday is THE day to wear one.
  10. Yeeees...that sounds like the Corps, pimply lads who couldn't even score with the horse-faced, female, physics graduates who composed their lady-officer corps!

    The RE also used to issue a pamphlet on "how to be a gentleman" to their prospective officers. One of my house-mates had a copy given to him, presumably discretely by the regimental colonel or some such dignitary. It was full of useful stuff about mess dinners and so forth. Though the chances of XX Amphib Eng Regt ever hosting the President of the USA are admittedly low...
  11. You did pass some form of "warm, breathing, sentient, you're in!" selection didn't you? You paid for the fecker, wear it when - or indeed on whatever body-part - you like!
  12. Plume - for a man who flaunts his London Irish connections, you can be such a Communicator! :p
  13. You know life's three grat lies:

    (i) The cheque's in the post.

    (ii) I won't come in your moth.

    (iii) One of my friends is a Gunner ;)
  14. Go Go Go Arsenal

    **** Me Wrong Thread!!!



  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I raised this way back as my boss an ex gunner chided me for wearing my Infantry Reg tie on a wednesday. Cnut called me a slackjacket as well!
    As stated before if I wear a regy tie its for an occaision and not a set day! Mess rules are for messes!
    The boss got the hint that I wanted to impress him as he was a brig and me a private!