Gunner Editors April fool?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Imperial_Warrior, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone else read the last para of the Editorial in this months Gunner? I admit im new to the Gunners and accept that I may have fallen for a joke, but any chance it might be true?

    "...after a spate of complaints about the idiosyncratic ways in which berets are now being worn, especially in our commando and parachute regiments, the Royal Artillery Dress Committee has decided to scrap the beret and replace it with a soft cotton peaked hat in camoflage colours. Full details of this significant change will be officially promulgated in due course, but The Gunner can disclose that RA and RHA badges in blackcloth will be embossed directly onto the caps to prevent non-regulation positioning of cap badges over the ears. When in barracks officers and soldiers will wear navy blue caps though those with the relevant qualifications will be able to wear red or green peaked caps as appropriate. Negotiations with the UN are ongoing to standardise a pale blue cap for those involved in peacekeeping operations. This welcome initiative, which it is estimated will cost the tax payer no more than £1m, comes into effect in April."
  2. Had you not read it on Part 1 orders?
  3. :clap:

    I remember a little ditty:

    Maroon and green,
    They are so keen,
    No brains and hence no fear,

    Their berets' crap,
    Worn like a flat cap,
    With the badge over the left ear!
  4. Easy mistake to make - can't remember the last time I found real humour in Gunner.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You missed the article year or so ago about the Jungle bit with 'choking the chicken' then...

  6. Sorry, I meant editorial humour. There was a limit to how many times you could scrapbook in pictures of your dog saying things that were no doubt hilarious at the time...