Gunner dress regs, for a Gnr attached to another corps,

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellard, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. ok i'm currently attached to 1 RTR, what if any of there regimental dress do i "have" to wear? trying to keep out of the sh*t etc, and is there anywhere that deals with kit issues to externally posted Gnrs? for thing like No.2's and other RA bits of kit?

    many thanks in advance
  2. You don't have to wear any of it.

    You wear your own kit.

    At a push, you could wear the Black Beret.

    Best thing to do is to speak to the Badge at RTR, and your own RA RSM or whomever is your top RSM. They should know....

    Unless there are any other gunners in the unit.
  3. In which case you are honour bound to dress completely unlike them.
  4. ok so i don't have to wear it, but am i ok to wear it? haven't got a RA RSM, other than the Actual RARSM!

    currently i'm wearing the beret, belt, tpr rank slide and black t shirt and coverys when required, and with the start of winter dress, they are "Hinting" at wearing panzerleader (black norgie and wooly jumper), just waiting to get it in the neck the 1st time i'm seen by a RA badge or officer,
    anyone in the know out there please?
  5. Firstly, what the hell are you dong with 1RTR?

    Secondly, why the hell are you wearing tanky black crap?

    Your a Gunner through and through, wear an RA stable belt, RA socks and an RA watch strap and even one of those lovely RA blazers that were on the back of Gunner mag a while back.

    GunnersQuadrant should be able to supply you all that kit from his surplus of RA patterned accesories!!!
  6. for kinky fun in 4R!! lol, on FTRS, its not a bad unit,

    to stop standing out as the only one in green, quickest way to get spam'd etc, and they gave me shed loads of stuff when i rocked up, but have never had a proper answer as to what i'm meant to wear, just keep hearing about a Ssgt that was here back in the day, and here wore it etc etc,

  7. Why not wear your own cap badge on the black beret. I don't see a problem with wearing the jumper/coveralls, it shows you as being willing to jump in. You're not going to lose that Gunner identity. Come Remembrance Sunday you'll be in Gunner No 2s, n'est - ce pas?
  8. Fair one about getting spotted as the odd one out! No idea about FTRS im afraid.

    GunnersQuadrant is the Gunners Forum moderator, he is well known for wearing an RA watchstrap which i give him loads of shit for!!
  9. thats what i'm currently doing, was trying to make sure there wasn't problem/issue from the light side, the dark side seem to be ok with it,

    if i can i will! but order of dress seems to be best coveys, which means black or green! lol oh well
  10. The RA RSM is actually the guy I was thinking you should call. You are one gunner, attached to a random Regiment. He is the guy who should be able to help you out.

    Try phoning his office, he may have clk or someone who could handle it... or if he is worth his salt I am sure he can point you (as one of his wayward sheep) in the right direction, personally. Perhaps your Troopy or SSM would phone him on your behalf.

    Also, should a prowling RA/RHA bod spot you, you can then say "I have sought advice from the RA RSM and he says......". Like wise they can't bubble you to the RA RSM.

    Cover your arrse and use your CoC. It is what it is there for....
  11. thanks choclate frog, will get my Tp leader to make the call tomorrow,

    many thanks all
  12. I am still slightly fazed by the concept of "Gunner dress regs"...

    I had no idea such a tome existed!

    and certainly not as far as officers are concerned...
  13. oh it exists normally used in conjunction with AGI67 and only applied to the lowest rank present!
  14. The basic answer to your question is that you wear Gunner dress as applicable to your parent RA Unit.

    If you want to wear anything different then you should seek permission from your parent Unit or the RA RSM.
  15. I have served as an RLD and this arguement could go on forever especially with RTR RSM etc. Best speak to your Corps policy guys.

    As a general rule of thumb though they can't strip you of your Corps badges and insignia including belt and cap badge but, you may have to wear Beret/wierd headress. (I had a glengarry and or a hackle at one point).

    Some units have been known to try and strip you of you identity unless you go in knowlegably with your regs under your arm.