Gunner crewman to UAV pilot whats the chance after the phases


Hi all
My lad has passed his selection and now thinking about changing his option to gunner crewman as this is the only way to get to be a UAV pilot (drone) .
If he does his phase 1 n 2 what will be his chances if he does ok through them is it hard to get in and do it ?
He is also cp3 colour perception
Barb test 50

Any replies i would be greatfull


If his training staff during Phase 2 think he is up to it, then they'll send him to a UAS Regiment. Also since there is a big drive to get more pilots the odds should be in his favour. However the catch is that you have to be a LBdr to do pilot grading and the pilot's course. So as long a he's happy to spend a couple of years working in launch and recovery there's no harm in going for a UAS Regiment.


Thanks for replies chaps
And yes good parents will also find advice for there kids these days ...
He now at harrogate after picking his 1st choice doing a 40 + week course gunner crew man and been there a fair while ...
Only to find out now his prefered job is now to be disbanded.... absolute joke !! How can the army not tell him this was happening .
He more than ljkely would av picked his 2nd choice RE electrician .... anx now unable to swap courses


I agree you do have to make your own decisions but at 17 sometimes a little help doesnt hurt

After 6 months of waiting to get in the army and a fair few months at harrogate and not been told his role was going to be disbanded he figured it all out him self and fucked em right off .... he put in to leave.