Gunner Crewman or Infantry ?

I'm in a bit of dilemma and was wondering if anyone could help me ?.

I'm trying to pick between becoming a RA Gunner Crewman or joining The Rifles Infantry, But I'm not sure what one to chose. I'd like to know which one would give me the most benefits and more opportunities to ranking up and doing well for myself.

So I was wondering if anyone could give me the pro's and con's of each of them, any reply will be great help.
If you're confused about which job you wish to do, then you should go and see the ACIO, it's what they are there for. They will give you a good idea of what to expect from both trades, and you can make an informed decision on what they say. I would imagine that both would give you a lot of benefits, dependant on what you want from them. But more important than that is what you are prepared to put into it yourself? As for climbing up the ranks, you generally get nothing without earning it, and will be expected to complete various courses to get yourself better pay and rank. This will of course take time, because many advanced courses are time barred and require X amount of service before you are put on them. The reason for this is to show you are both experienced enough, and capable of achieving the qualifications necessary. Prior preparation and planning is a good thing, but perhaps actually getting in first would be a good idea. Whichever way you decide to go and what you achieve from there is up to you....Good luck!!!

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