Gunman on rampage at Missouri factory

Gunman running around ABB's Missouri plant...

From the BBC website

Three people have been killed and four wounded after a gunman stormed a factory in the city of St Louis, Missouri, US police said.

Reports say workers at the ABB Power factory are hiding in offices and on the roof awaiting rescue.

Police teams are scouring the factory but it is unclear if the gunman has been killed or is still at large.

Of the injured, two were in a critical condition and one was seriously hurt, a fire department spokesman said.

The fourth had minor injuries, Bob Keuss added.

The shooting began at 0630 local time (1230 GMT) police said.

Local radio reported that the man had opened fire in the car park and then stormed the factory.

Initial reports said one person had been killed but the death toll was later updated.

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