Gunman kills three girls in Amish classroom

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Random_Task, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Gunman kills three girls in Amish classroom
    Guardian Link
    3 school shootings in the space of the week? is this unprecedented?
  2. My general feling is copycats are running rampant and my prediction is there will be more in the coming days or weeks.
  3. Lunatics are taking over the asylum. This is ridiculous.

    This one though, this one takes the cake. Who would possibly have an axe to grind with the amish?
  4. On the world service they said he has a problem with young women that goes back 20 years.He took his kids to the school bus and then went to the amish school.
  5. The details are just coming out about how he lined them up against a blackboard and systematically shot the girls in the head.

    Every now and again we are reminded of the true nature of evil.

    My sympathy to the bereaved and my prayers go out to the wounded.

    Worde fail me.
  6. Lunatics are running the asylum. I marvel at a country which cannot intellectually make the link between frequent, tragic gun crime and the ubiquitous and loosely controlled possession of firearms.

    It would be an interesting exercise in watching hamsters scuttle around a lab cage if it were not so heart-rendingly sad.
  7. You know what? Criminals who want guns get guns, this is a fact, even in britain. Maybe there should be more control, maybe not, but that's not what this incident was about.
  8. Gun Crime is getting out of control in UK too despite our supposedly tough anti gun laws.

    Sentences are ludicrously soft when handed down anyway.

    The sad fact is there will always be nutters in possession of firearms all we can do is pray the police get to them before they do any harm.

    Once more, sympathy to those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.
  9. Here in Alberta, we have a number of folks, the Hutterites and Dukobors, that are very similar in beliefs and lifestyle to the Pennsylvania Amish. They are completely non-violent, abstain from modern conveniences mostly (they use pickup trucks - buggies aren't much fun at -40C in the distances we have here), are quite devout and good folks to do business with. Hard bargainers, but they stand by a deal and the deal is always four-square.

    I can't imagine anyone having an issue with these folks. They are simply honest, hardworking men and women that mainly want to be left to themselves, so as to practice their religion as they deem fit. They ask nothing of anyone and are very good neighbours, always ready to lend a hand.

    Just a very sad, sad thing. I saw on the news last night that the men of the colony they interviewed (they wouldn't allow their faces to be shown) all spoke of forgiving the gunman for killing their daughters, as their Christian beliefs demanded that they forgive. THAT'S standing by your beliefs.
  10. You know what? That is precisely what this incident is about. The gunman wasn't a criminal - a loony perhaps, because it would appear that an old deep-seated grudge played a part in tipping a modest, family man over the edge. But a criminal? Apparently not. So the fact that he had easy access to firearms as a truck driver has nothing to do with criminality and everything to do with a culture that believes that firearms can be ubiquitous, and yet expresses such shock when one separates from the herd and in a moment of madness commits such evil.
  11. I think he was pissed off cos he couldn't get a mobile phone signal, there's no pubs and his taxi out of the village shat on the street.
  12. If you go on a shooting spree in an Amish school, do you have to use 18th century firearms?
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    ^ You pair are both going to Hell :D
  14. This is true, criminals will always find ways to get what they want.

    It's society that has to look at the way it sees firearms. The layman's argument against arming the British police is that the UK will consequently, see US style gun crime, yet (I believe) all police forces in the EU are armed, and they (by and large) do not have the same scale of gun crime which the US has.

    Something I read recently in the Dan Cruicshank book 'Around the World in 80 Treasures' (excellent read & series) rings very true:

    (Cruicshank has just 'reviewed' one of his treasures, the Navy Colt' on the ranges, with local enthusiasts)
  15. Of all the people to attack he went looking for the only people who would never lift a hand against him, no matter what he threatened them with, and then murdered their children.

    There's been a lot of p1ss taking on this thread, but I'm truly sickened.

    Requiescat in Pace.