Gunman arrested outside Tony Blairs house

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Sorry chaps - he wasn't succesful. Useless bl00dy Albanians, spoiling Christmas!


Gunman arrested outside Tony Blair's home

A man thought to be Albanian was suspected of being in possession of a loaded pistol and silencer outside the home of Tony Blair, the former prime minister .

The man, 56, was stopped in his car as he drove in Connaught Street, central London, on Monday at 11.15pm.

Officers on patrol became suspicious and arrested him for several traffic and documentation offences.

About 25 minutes later, a passer-by approached a uniformed officer on guard outside Mr Blair's £3.5 million Connaught Square townhouse.

He handed the officer a black pistol, loaded with several bullets and fitted with a silencer, saying he found it in the gutter.

The officer raised the alarm and notified members of the Diplomatic Protection Group, who are responsible for Mr Blair's safety.

Investigators quickly linked the discovery of the gun with the arrest of the man - who was still in police custody - and he was re-arrested on suspicion of holding a prohibited weapon.

Forensic tests including fingerprinting and DNA analysis are under way.

It is understood that there was no threat to Mr Blair's safety and the location of the arrest is believed to be entirely coincidental.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ''At about 11.15pm on Monday a 56-year-old man was arrested by uniform officers in Connaught Street, Westminster, for alleged traffic and documentation offences, and taken to a central London police station.

''At approx 11.40pm a member of the public handed a firearm to a uniform officer on duty in the area.

''The member of the public told police the firearm had been found in Connaught Street.

''The man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possessing a prohibited weapon. The man remains in custody and police inquiries continue.''

Mr Blair bought the four-storey Grade II listed property in 2004 as he prepared to leave Downing Street.

Connaught Street forms one side of Connaught Square, which is a short distance from Marble Arch in the capital's West End.
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