Guniea Pigs Required

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mbj1011, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. I am not sure on the correct way to go about this so moderators please be gentle with me.

    I am looking for a couple of people to dry run a project that I am working on, internet wise, and give me some constructive criticism.

    The project is designed to be for ex-forces personnel and hopefully won't take up too much of anyone's time.

    If anyone knows of a better place for me to be "touting my wares" for want of a better explanation, please don't be shy and just tell me to clear off there.

    Please could anyone respond by PM.

    Moderators if you need to take this down could someone let me know the correct procedure for putting this up?

    Thanks all
  2. hmmm.... for a minute there i thought MDN was back with a new peccadillo!!!
  3. You are not likely to get many responses unless you actually "tout your wares" and tell what your "project" is.


  4. Please enlighten us.
  5. I have a fair bit of time on my hands at the moment so let me know what it is and I will see if I fancy the sound of it.
  6. What a shame, I have a guinea pig which has just developed a cancerous growth. I could have shipped it on to you and saved myself £12.50 in vet's bills. Or rather lying to the wife and daughter about chucking it out on the M4...which is current Plan A. At present the hairy twat appears to be experienncing no diminution of it's "quality of life". I suspect ejection from a speeding Discovery may alter that...
  7. Do you want to put stuff up my bum?