Gung-ho SAS Are Banned From RAF Helicopters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Er, riiight. Anyone a bit closer to the issue able to say whether this is correct or have the newspapers got the wrong end of the stick again? The whole thing just strikes me as a bit odd. :?
  2. It sounds like not only is your government falling apart, but in-fighting in your Forces is becoming rampant.
  3. [IRONY]I suppose the same 'nap of the earth' demands were made on the pilots of the two civi Super Pumas that recently dropped into the North Sea, well that's that one sorted out.[/IRONY]
  4. Ridiculous story. It's upto the pilots to know the limitations of their airframes and to tell anyone who is pushing them to fcuk off.

    I can't see a helicopter pilot getting sacked for refusing to smash his ride up.
  5. Are THEY going to walk to their targets from now on then? Or is the boathouse going to become a bit busier?
  6. Never heard so much shite in all my time

    The SAS are highly trained
    The RAF are highly trained

    Neither would take risks which would jepordise their own lives especially during training.
    Higher risk factors are taken into account on operations, however, the Aircraft commander has the ultimate responsibility for the lives of his crew and "passengers"

    Not every pilot gets the oppurtunity to work along side the special forces, the ones that do will understand the diverse nature of the business they are undertaking, they are "chosen" pilots who can still say no.

    Put the shoe on the other foot
    If you were on patrol with the SAS and wanted to stop and take a few photos of some nice flowers or stop by the river for a smoke and they thought it wrong....the answer would be NO
  7. I thought Them had a dedicated SF Flight anyway :?
  8. Them do, but them's pilots aren't as experienced as them used to be.
  9. Really?

    Things must have changed since I was in, when pilots were rotated in the same way as pilots in other units. Have they?

    I think this shows why the SAS are not going to be flying in Pumas from now on.

  10. What? All of them?

    The quality of your analysis never fails to bring a smile to me.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Not in SF flight the are'nt.The crews tend to stay within that unit for a long time due to the amount of training required being above that of a normal helo cab crew.
    Imho,the reports a load of tosh.
  12. Hmmmmmmm

    All of what, Pilots? Pumas? Embassy staff?

    The quality of your posts likewise amuses me.
  13. This is a particularly stupid piece of spin to my eyes. Rather than admit that the Puma fleet is obsolescent, clapped out and just not up to the job the dead pilots get blamed. It's not as if the RAF has ever done that before *cough* Chinook *cough*.

    And it's not doing the RAF any favours, it looks like their approach to risk on Ops is to stop doing Ops. They do not come across as a service at war in support of the Army.

    Now reality is of course more nuanced and difficult to read, but I expect to see a lot more stories spun like this as the services fight like ferrets in a sack for the available funding.
  14. Why rely on the RAF if THEY have their own transport?

  15. I can't imagine the RAF being 'bullied' into anything silly, even by THEM.

    Any why ban them from travelling in Pumas? Surely it would make more sense to tell them to sit down and behave...