Discussion in 'REME' started by boycee, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that all the armourers seem to be put in the gunfitter role with inadequate training (ex of o) and more importantly (gp`s). Nothing against the guys but its wrong. CR2/AS90 is a doddle to a gunfitter, because thats our trade, but put an armourer on CR2/as90 and they are fcuked! Light gun seems to be an impossible task for them also? Most of them dont want to do it, and i cant blame them, for the step up to gunfitting is a world away from the cellar. Currently they do a lightgun basic course, they then pick up their third and posted to an as90 regiment? WTF! This needs sorting out and fast. As a GF for 16 years our trade is going backwards. I dont care who does it, armourers or gunfitters as long as the service to the particular corp/regt is first class! I leave you with this question, HOW CAN AN ARMOURER SURVIVE AS A GUNFITTER WITHOUT THE CORRECT TRAINING??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :shakefist:

  2. Boycee, mate,
    I was a metalsmith, then armourer, then tiffy guns. I managed to pass the relevant courses [including AS90 and CR2], work on CR2 for a while all with no major problems.

    If ex Armr Gunfitter are struggling, I believe the problem is lack of proffessionalism on the part of armourers who don't want to fix big guns being obstructive and saying "I can't do it - please post me to a cellar again" Same applies to ex-Gunfitters who are posted to Inf Bns and don't like it.

    Maybe people should grow up and live with the fact that times change. Gunfitter has gone, live with it.

    I leave you with this question - how hard can it be to fix big guns - they are single shot after all :)

    Just for VM-A:
    Here in Aus, we are Fitter Armament and do eqpt cses for each vehicle system - ASLAV Turret (25mm CG), M1A1 (120mm), 155mm or 105mm arty systems. Too bloody easy mate :)
  3. im just about to go to the ADSC and then hopefully train as an armourer in june,ive seen a few posts havina stabb at the armourer's.

    Does everyone hate them lol?
  4. No they make great brews.
  5. ahh so thts how it is then lol.Shame i dnt drink tea and i make a shit cuppa then isnt it lol.
  6. Your choice, but pratice makes perfect.
  7. The trade is second only to Prostitute in seniority; Shakespeare wrote about them 3 times and they often appear in film credits; VM's can't manage that!

    Now all England's youth are afire and silken dalliance in the wardrobe lies;
    Now thrive the Armourers, and honour's thought reigns solely in the breast of every man.

    W. Shakespeare; Henry V.
  8. I would have to agree with Nige on this one, it is a case of personal pride in the weapons world, and we should be able to switch and change our equipment skills as and when neccesary, i agree that i have seen more Armourers struggling with the move to big guns, but with time this should get better.

  9. You have given one quote from Bill where are the other two?

    Nishka :spiderman:
  10. The second quote is also in Henry V and is set on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt and goes something along the lines of…

    And from the tents the sound of Armourers’ hammers busy closing rivets up, Give dreadful note of preparation.

    The third is in Julius Caesar and I can’t quite recall how it goes and I don’t have my complete works of the Bard handy.

    There are several Armourer’s listed in the credit’s of Lethal Weapon; I’ve met the Armourer for Blackhawk Down. Next time you get the chance to see Dr No, note who M asks Moneypenny to send in; that’ll be the Armourer!
  11. Yet you fail to mention the amount of gunfitters that are sh1t on small arms and rarden!
    on my gun line i can fix any light gun and any of the small arms, can the gunfitter that doesn't know one end of a GPMG from the other do that?
  12. Armourers are Gods chosen, many aspire to be as good, handsome, intelligent, brave and god like as Armourers many many fall at the wayside.

    Be an armourer, stand tall with the sword of HK and the shield of WD40.

    Remember only you can make the gun thingy go bang and not click when the underlings fire the implements of our greatness.
  13. I should imagine any Gunfitter who has been with a Tank regiment should have no difficulty repairing GPMG was par for the course when I was in . Armourers were usually back in echelon cosy & warm in the Machy wagon whilst we were out on the Ranges !!! If we'd sent for an armourer every time a Gimpy went down we'd never have got any real firing done ! Besides most of the time the Gunner Mechs sorted it themselves !!
  14. as most gunfitters have only served at cavalry and artillery then yes the perception will be that armourers are in a2 echelon. but news flash the army is bigger than arty and cav. what do you think we do at armoured inf .
  15. Tell you what Man in the'll be lucky if any RD geezer gets a brew from either a gunfighter or an armourer!!!!