Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Markintime, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Scotch, Whiskey or Rum?
  2. All three.

    Go with a bang!
  3. I´m with dingerr on this one.
  4. Can remember the jars of issue rum,.... but he other two?
  5. rum ... any thing esle is sackeraliige
  6. We got rum, there was none left after our room was done. Pays to be a winner.
  7. Is there a difference between scotch and whisky? (Unless you mean to differentiate between Irish and Scottish).
  8. Gurkha Rum in Airport Camp Belize brought round by the Camp Comedian 45 mins after we got back from town blotto/ He didn't hang around too long! Happy Daze!
  9. whisky = scotch
    whiskey = irish
  10. Gunfire Recipe

    Ingredients My Bar
    1 shot Dark Rum
    1 cup (Strong) Coffee

    Gunfire Directions
    Pour one cup of strong black tea, add rum and stir.

    Serve Gunfire in a Coffee Mug

  11. Thank you. Every day's a school day. I've been chucking it down me neck all this time and never really noticed the e.
  12. so which are you going with knocker, tea or coffee?
  13. Although gunfire as a tradition is great it is tastewise absolutely disgusting! Fortunately I have been on the 'giving' side more often than not. One time, however, I missed it due to an alarm malfunction and made up for it by chasing around the route with my own liquor chocolates and waking everyone up for a second time!
  14. Rum deffo its traditional