gunfire in South West London

Just heard 3 bursts of automatic gun fire and 3 or 4 single shots.

Has the revolution started?


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that'll just be the benefits of a rich, diverse, multicultural society as one lot of foreign crims take on another.


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Just another quiet night in the nations capital
Carry on

P.S you do know by posting that info you are now officialy a grass?
Time for a name change and a move me old son


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are sky blue shellsuit pants now ally after that photo?
Not another hit on a "yardie" outside Wandsworth nick,was it?(entrance area now known as "down range" and the staff who man it as "butts party")
My sister lives in Leyton & most nights shots can be heard.

I travel to Albuquerque, NM a couple of times a year & stay in one of the "less salubrious" zip codes.

Since 2006 I've heard shots fired ONCE there.......

......aren't strict controls on legally possessed firearms wonderful.......?
bigeye said:
Just heard 3 bursts of automatic gun fire and 3 or 4 single shots.

Has the revolution started?
You as well? Similar experience as I was leaving Tehran a couple of days ago. You sure you are in London? :lol:
Sunday mornin innnit, I mean what else is gonna go down when da soljas are leavin da club an gotta maintain respec on da turf yeah, gotta bust dem caps an sho da niggas who is da main crew yo

Or some similar psychopathic gibberish.

Unless of course Dannatt has finally had enough and our Cabinet Ministers are being dragged from their beds and shot......
You should go camping at Halfway on the A40 in Wales, Christ it sounded like there was a battlr going on. What does SENTA mean
ABrighter2006 said:
SENTA - Sennybridge Training Area - sure I am the victim of a wah now!
Wool in Dorset, sounds like a tank battle, but Kidwelly in Wales, God Air-raids all the time, in fact last year the Crabs almost took the roofs off with the City of Lincoln, it was so low you could count the rivets inside the bomb-bay

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