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Gunfight at the Kabul Corral

What the f*ck has happened out in the Big K Ranch?....two dead?, rumours of parties?, drunks with guns?, murder not suspected?, no enemy activity?......anybody got a clue what's happened?. The Sundays aren't up too much. ???
.........unfortunately, I don't have access to their reports.  Just curious as to what has happened.
Deepcutitis moves to Kabul?
SIB investigation ongoing but the hot poop is a farewell BBQ gone wrong and a possible (!) violation of the two can (jerrycan ;)) rule, leading to a bit of an altercation. Result: one soldier shoots another and then himself as everybody else runs for cover :'(

Naturally, they had to be RLC. Amazing isn't it? The only time a sodding SA80 works perfectly is when you shoot yourself...........
Probably saved some one else from doing the job - after all, stores are made for storing.....!


War Hero
That'll be why they worked ok then  ;)

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