Gun wrapping??

Ok ive done pretty much everything to do with telecoms except for gunwrapping. Ive looked and can not see where i can do a course on gunwrapping to add to my skill set. If anyone has done this or has any information then i would be grateful as i been offered a job where gun wrapping would be advantageous.
Its a fairly basic skill to learn and I did it on the job, not that I have had to do it for about 12 years as I don't work in Telecoms anymore. You should find its something an old sweat will teach in the time it takes to have a Naafi break.
Ive done it when I worked in Datacoms and it is easy (if you are useing a good GunWrapper) if you use a shite one that overheats (some of them can) It used to take me 45 mins to terminate one block (up to QA standard) obviously after the copper pairs had been dressed in correctly.

I strongly advise spending a good bit of wedge on a quality tool, also make sure you can read the block first! (Coloured Pairs etc)

And if your new to it pratice first, you can sometimes find the odd old block lying around in them used copper bins near the MDF so have a go on them.

Hope that was useful.
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