Gun sport group fights weapons ban

Should Airsoft weapons be banned?

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Players of Airsoft - a sport similar to paintball but using battery-powered pellet guns - are mounting a vigorous campaign to protect their hobby.
The move has been prompted by the Violent Crime Reduction (VCR) Bill, which would ban the import and sale of most imitation firearms

The bill is designed to tackle the sharp rise in the use of replica weapons in crimes.

But opponents of a ban say the new law would strangle a rapidly growing sport, which they claim has concrete benefits for children.
i don't see how any new Gun Laws is going to make any difference, as criminals do not obey any Laws ergo new Gun Laws will be disobyed anyway and as per usual the general law abiding population will get kicked in the teeth again. :roll:
oooooops :)

Could you add a poll to yours V? Be interesting to see what people think.

Oh and there's a link for those that wish to protest
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