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As its the season to be merry I give you:-

Rio's drug war - The Big Picture -

It should be work safe, and is actualy a little old, but there's plenty of kit to be excited about (there's even a clutch of SLR/FAL's in there for the old blokes!) and plenty of 'soldiers' and police to ridicule for terrible drills. Let the merryment commence! I commend images 33 and 39 in particular for for your attention.

The type and number of firearms on issue to the guys wearing 'police'tags would have any armoury staff as permament gibbering wrecks I would think...

(On a serious note this site often hosts some rather intresting photo essays including in the past some on British forces in 'stan rather than just comedy value Brazillians)
Just 2, a side mounted EO Tech 554, and a telescopic sight, the other device is a Laser designator.
Shurely thats a laser sight not a designator? If we're going to be spotterish. ie something to put a red dot on target for use in oposed to something to illuminate a target for smart munitions etc. 'cos last time I checked the two are not interchangable. I stand to be corrected if so.

I messed around with red and green lasers for a while but in the end mk1 eye ball and either iron sights or a decent reddot seemed more usefull to me.
Whoever is piloting the chopper in 29. Good drills!
An armored vehicle of the Brazilian Army
When it says Marinha on the side. Typical mong journo . . . the lack of attention to detail never ceases to grate. Would they be that cavalier about the names of different tribes from the Amazon? :roll:
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