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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Effendi, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Last year I was on a shotgun course, after a couple of hours the instructor comes along with a squirty bottle thing and we all oil up the working parts, same again in the afternoon.

    I mention gun oil cost and he says it only costs a couple of dollars for a pint. What is it? Automatic transmission oil mixed with 10% engine oil. Used by many a police department, Federal Agency armory and issued in cleaning kits.

    Turns out its one of those things that "those in the know" have known for ages and that the difference between automatic transmission oil and gun oil is so fine that you could'nt squeeze a fag paper between them.

    Now tell me you all knew.
  2. Gun oil is rich in Graphite. However any oil you splatter on a moving part is better than nothing.
  3. so whats the COSH and legality of mixing-up your own brew and selling it off?
  4. Real men lubricate their Vickers with butter!
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  5. Pork fat!
  6. Sperm Oil.

    I didn't realise that.

    I always thought that some of the fancy greases are rich in graphite but not the oil.
  7. Indeed - wouldn't graphite make the oil look cloudy?
  8. They gave us liniseed oil once by accident. We were in ******* Crossmaglen as well. That would have been a bad day if it had kicked off!
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  9. Cold pressed olive oil, extra vergine. Second to none, failing that WD40?
  10. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I've always heard that leaving gas parts in Coke overnight does a great job of removing the carbon. Is that the case or another tall tale?
  11. If memory serves, it only softened the carbon.I remember using some pink kit with phosphoric acid in it, it was rust remover but it fairly cleaned the gas parts. Only trouble was that after a while they took on a decidedly pink hue.
    Red eds works: easy to make in bulk, cleans hardened carbon and also good for starting fires.
  12. No, it's very fine particles, Graphite is a DRY lubricant, noticed how if you rub the end of a pencil it makes them all slipery, also Grphite is very high temprature resistant.

    Castrol GTX was invented with added graphite (not too sure if GTX means Graphite Technology *****) anyhow it became original equipment recomendations on all Ford Pinto engines (Cortina, Sierra, Transit ) engines as the oil flow was shit on the OHC, hence the graphite and the dry film lubricant.
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  13. I realise that the graphite would be fine (and what it's for), I just thought that adding any sort of solid to a liquid would generally make it cloudy - but I've been wrong before!