Gun Museum at Bordon?

Discussion in 'REME' started by CH512O, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. A few years ago i loaned some AK's for OPFOR training from a gun museum type place at Bordon. Is it still there, as i lost the contact number. It seemed to be civvy run with the offices near the Museum. Had loads of decommisioned stuff in it etc.
    Anyone help with a phone number etc.
  2. Haven't you given them back yet ??!!!!
  3. lol yes, but want more!
  4. If you get hold of the HI of the Small Arms and Insts wing he may well be able to help you out.
    Would get you the number but I am on leave at the moment. Plus have got a feeling that VT are on "block leave" until Mon 18th.
    We borrowed some weapons from them a few weeks back for an exercise, although a lot of it was'nt decommisioned!!
  5. Opposite the Armoury in the small arms wing is another small armoury which has loads of Gucci stuff in it. Some still works and has been lovingly restored.
  6. OP, You have a pm with the HI no.
  7. Most of the stuff from the SEME Small arms museum either went to the museum at Arborfield or to the National Armouries. I think it must have been broken up the best part of 10 years ago. They may still have the odd weapon for demo and interest lessons.

  8. Very true. It is small! I went in there, although it was some time ago, to have a "play" with some of the stuff in there. No idea if it's still got the kit inside now?
  9. It does.
  10. I was back on a short course at the end of 2007. The small armoury was being cleaned out at the time. later in the week a load of forgien weapons arrived. I think it was the NITAT ones from Lyd, I'm sure a lot were live firers.
  11. CH5120

    hi back on 26th mate
  12. Sorry for not giving my thanx earlier but have been on ex all last week. Got some numbers and contact details and will try on Tues, after Bank Holiday.
    Cheers for all posted.