Gun lobby and babies scoffed by dogs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Right then.....

    Why is it I can't own a pistol to shoot little holes in a target yet I can go out and buy a big nasty dog and feed my nipper to it?

    If I was to shoot my little girl, so long as I shot her in the face, chest or head she'd be a goner in an instant, yet a big growly dog could take ages to tear her limbs off and eat her.

    Where is the sense in this?

    Why aren't the Dunblane lobby insisting on big dogs being handed into the please and melted down to make manhole covers?

    Double standards stink!
  2. Yes, dogs can be dangerous, but......


    ....dogs with cannons can be even more dangerous!
  3. You fail to realise that in the UK nowadays, in order to own a gun or a dangerous dog you must be a criminal or an irresponsible cnut. What a fecked up country this is 8O
  4. I feel your pain. A sensible approach would be to allow people to own a pistol but only if you used it to shoot dogs before turning the weapon on the owners.

    Obviously some breeds of dog would be exempt from the random shooting - golden retrievers for example - as they are cute, and attractive to the eye in a fullsome, heavy penised sort of way.

    Any dog which has the capability to inflict a bite wound similar to a Great White's must be considered a must for a "gut shooting" alongside any dog which goes for a "walk" in it's owner's fucking handbag.

    As an aside, it should be considered a God given right to feed children to dogs if they exude that curious play dough-like consistency of mucous which has luminous qualities..........I find it disturbing.
  5. That's us lot qualified then. :)
  6. The caveat being that the carrier of said bag with dog inside is also subjected to a gut shot.
  7. Some breeds of dog over here in NI are illeagle and get put to sleep. (Sister was watching some daft Animal program on BBC NI where the USPCA took an American Pit Bull Terrier and terminated it, even though it hadn't attacked anyone).

    And on the News tonight it said the police started up a Dangerous Dog Amnesty that started in Ballymena which is going to spread to the rest of the country.

    This not the same as the rest of the UK then?
  8. MDN - I believe the solution to your problem may be solved by visiting countries that have ranges allowing you to use small children as fixed targets for large hungry dogs.

    The usual is 200-300m for longs with the kids pinned up by their ears and nappies, or ears and flaps/sacks for the toilet trained targets, the hounds are loosed and you have a choice then of shooting hounds before they reach the kids or part way through with extra points for 2 kills 1 shot.

    For pistol kids are left to bimble about the dogs have 3 legs shot at to slow them down then its points for panache with the "take down".

    Trophies can be cut off targets as preferred and usually a BBQ is set up for those who prefer the taste of cooked.

  9. I could rant about more innocent kids and people being slotted by legally owned dogs than by legally owned firearms but that would be tiresome..... I'd sooner try and upset the PC brigade by making the parents who feed thier kids to dogs feel bad.
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    Dangerous do amnesty, hand your dog in which you love so we can kill it........can't see the uptake of such an offer being to great to be honest.
  11. Nope the D.D.A is enforced slightly differently outside of the UK mainland, as you mentioned this was partly influenced by the pitbull attack on a child outside Ballymena in which their family Lab saved the child by taking on the pitbull. (The Lab died in the process).
  12. That could be a solution to the apparently soaring abortion rates in Oz about which little Johnny lickarse is so concerned presently. The RSPCA would have more than enough food then for all the Chrimbo gifts being handed back in a month or so :D
  13. Mr Doh Nut I do hope you're not making light of another poor child's death at the jaws of a hound.

    We all remember what happened the last time you did this, Mr Downes was rather upset and refused to let you pay his fare to travel to you for a spot of fisticuffs.
  14. but it's legal to own a pistol for target shooting and self defence in NI - unlike the rest of the UK!
  15. It was said on the BBC 1 news tonight that the dog was a prohibited pit bull type. (My itlalics)
    What does that actually mean; that it was a type of pit bull?

    It either was a pit bull or it wasn't; if it was a type of pit bull than it might not have been the full breed which means is it illegal to own one?

    My heart goes out to the family for their loss.