Gun Lets Troops Shoot Round Corners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before? If so, please delete.

    Very interesting reading.{3E31AB82-2BB0-11D7-92D3-0080AD76B634}
  2. Seen this a while ago a system in basic form developed by the Germans for urban fighting in WWII now vastly improved by modern technology.

    From what i remember reading the actual weapon is a 9mm pistol of some description the rest is the technology for the video camaera etc
  3. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    If memory serves me correctly, the German version had a few problems with barrel wear!
  4. Looks a bit silly to me... Did like the video though! Excellent use of a near by donkey for cover..
    And then you start getting into the "is 9mm enough debate any way..."

    Looks cool though...very Robo Cop

    T C
  5. An expensive way of making a pistol very heavy.
  6. daz

    daz LE

    the german weapon system was called the Krummer Lauf [​IMG]
  7. That look like my old SLR barrel. I wondered why there were always marksmen to one side of me while I hit fcuk all. Well I was pretty shite but........
  8. The whole system is essenially a universal mount for most pistols and some small automatic weapons. The system itself utilises TV and Infra red technology to enable the user to have the weapon, TV and IR sensors actually sitting in the harness around the corner of a building. The harness is hinged in the middle with a screen to view the IR/TV feeds and a trigger mechanism at the end that the user holds.

    Essentially, it is like holding your pistol around the corner of a building and using a mirror to aim it, just bigger, heavier, slower to use, more expensive and just as useless.

    Here endth the rant.
  9. The americans don't need such technology. They just JDam the house from afar and be done with it.
  10. Uh, what?
  11. not fully looked at the site properly does the video camera not have the ability to allow you to aim?
  12. Awesome video. Who made that? The Israeli guy who produced Delta Force?

    Anyway, the video did alleviate (slightly) my primary concern, which is that you might be caught out with a "bent gun".
    Second concern is muzzle length. They just introduced a new 5.56 version, but even that's not much use if you face even the slightest possibility of Ahmed 150m down the road.

    Most people would probably prefer a straight rifle with a bent viewscreen.
  13. Can it play music and they have a gun like this in Ghost Reacon game.
  14. Too much of a gimick. If you are like me and crap at computer games you would,nt hit a barn door with it (well you probally would if you get my jist). Can,t see many infrantry types wanting to go into battle with it. It would probally end up a very heavy secondary weapon some poor blokes got to lug around & clean. I would,nt buy one just on the cheesy musak in the video alone !!!!! Very spam.

    Regards LT.
  15. I'm sure I recall FIST (Future Infantry Soldier Two-thousand or something like that) which included rifle with a video/thermal imager and helmet mounted display. Surely a damned sight better than a 9mm that you couldn't hit anything with anyway!