Gun injuries soar as police experts blast themselves!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Its not only 'Brazilians' who should fear an armed P.C Plod,so a 2 week course makes them an 'expert'?
    'The number of armed police officers accidentally shooting themselves – and other colleagues – has soared in the past five years.
    Now, nearly half of all injuries caused by police shootings are the result of officers blasting themselves or a colleague, often during bungled training and demonstrations.'
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  2. What Plod need to do is recruit in some SASC and Skillies.

    Or put some rozzers on the Skilly course. A copper with crossed rifles over his stripes? :p
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It shouldnt astonish me but it does, supposedly intelligent persons with the power of arrest seem unable to adjust the basic safety concepts needed when issued with firearms. I grew up with guns and still shoot many different rifles and shotguns on an almost daily basis. 2 weeks is pathetic, perhaps they should nbe made to carry PCSO level firearms ie plastic and bright blue until they have had some time in. It took the yanks many years of accidental shootings to realise that just because you live in the wild west two weeks SAA doesnt make you into Bruce Willis or Dirty Harry.
    Still as long as no one is seriously hurt we can continue to titter at these and perhaps one day run a thread on it. I'm sure the plod blogs wont!
  4. Doesn't bode well for the 'arm all police' arguement does it?
  5. You can't educate PORK!

    Bad Skills, or is it the educated idiots with degee's in Ciminology, you know, those with NO Common Sense how are now been given GUNS?
  6. we should get Hardmong123 to train them up.. hes a weapons and firearms guru of the highest order.. I'd love to see the rozzers running round with a mighty fierce G22 in the shoulder.....................
  8. Maybe a spell in the Cadets would raise their game a bit :wink:
  9. Pure comedy,

    Have you seen the kit the swines carry?

    No 1950's Browning for Mr Plod he gets a nice Sig/Glock or anything else shiny!!

    They must get issued Bad boys stylee shades aswell.

    Same old same old...All the gear no idea.
  10. Presumably even if they go for a 'blighty one' they're still entitled to lots of counselling, compensation and gardening leave.
  11. That was never a serious argument; the majority of police officers don't want to be Armed and, as serving police have stated on ARRSE, there are many of their brother officers who they would not trust with an ASP baton or CS Spray.
  12. In all fairness that is a lot of injuries and misshaps, but bear in mind that a lot of police officers routinely carry loaded weapons 24/7 365 days a year and, unfortunately, accidents do happen.

    I've seen supposedly experienced SNCO's have ND's on a range and once had a recruit point her loaded SA80 at me when asking a question (no it wasn't will you stop pinching my Arrse!!) instead of keeping it pointed downrange.

    But WW is right, there's a lot of coppers out there I wouldn't trust with a baton and spray let alone a firearm.
  13. Not a bad record given the time period; I bet the army beat this about 10:1!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The pointing a loaded weapon around is pish argument to be honest, its more important that the user is competent and knows the state of the weapon whether made safe or cocked. its not rocket science and sadly until those space cadets learn they will hopefully continue to thin out their own gene pool rather than the public one!
    FFS how can you have blokes assaulting buildings and not point weapons at each other at some point!