Gun Geeks watch this!

Future weapons on Discovery Channel Tuesday 18th Jul 06


Just how smart and lethal are the weapons of tomorrow? In FutureWeapons former Navy SEAL Richard "Mack" Machowicz goes in search of the latest, cleverest and most terrifying technology already reaching out to dominate the battlefields of the 21st century.

He introduces viewers to weapons that seek out targets almost on their own; others that tap new forms of destructive power; and a few that push the limits of overwhelming force.
Future Weapons <-- Trailer on this page looks good

More Here
I watched this yesterday. It was quite good, dispite the host "Mac" dropping "as an ex Navy Seal sniper" into conversation at annoying regularity.

They showed a test firing of Excalabur (basically a GPS steered 155 Arty round). The thing managed to correct its trajectory despite being fired 15 degrees offset from target and arrive 20miles downrange within 7 meters of its target. Very impressive.

Link Here.

On tonight, just seen it on Sky+ :D

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