Gun Fire - Merry Christmas

Just woke up, everyone still asleep, i am just cracking open my single malt prezzie. To all those unfortunate souls not able to be with family do to service commits, never mind its your turn and stag on.

Better sign off cos i,m doing a full fry with proper black pud - fried eggs, bacon - sausage - beans - tom - mushrooms.

Cheers all :party: and try to have a good day where ever you sorry gits are.


Out at first light with the Blogghounds, long romp so they crash out and now moving steadily towards a gut busting late breakfast as we won't be eating until early evening.

Think a stiff one is called for before Mrs B's sister returns from God bothering and starts her self satisfied claptrap about the baby Jesus.
I have been sat at work since 0645hrs earning a stupid amount of money and will be home for my Xmas dinner at 1600hrs.
Working tomorrow and Tuesday as well for stupid amounts of cash.
Happy Christmas all.
At the rellies. Just had breakfast. If you call cornflakes and raisins a breakfast. What wouldn't I give for a proper full English with a pint mug of tea. Proper meaning 4 back rashers, 2 sausage, mushrooms, beef tomatoes, baked beans, two fried egg, black pudding and two slices of toast. You can survive to a three o clock Christmas dinner on that.
Just watched the grandchildren open their Christmas presents while I had a coffee with croissants and some Scottish shortbread biscuits. Dinner with wine and other alcohol starts at around 1pm. Will probably start with a couple of bottles of beer around midday.

I hope all you ratbags have a good day!
Up at dawn walk on beach only to watch Mrs WW's present get washed out to sea, then home to a snigger repressed breakfast .
Thanks to Vodaclone kicking me out the door in the Summer, I am now enjoing a full Xmas and New Year neither working any of those dates or the days between. Now onto second bottle of bolly (not including bucks fizz). Dogs, SWMBO and children/grand children walked down the beach and am on 5 mins ready to carve. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those poor b*ggers stagging on. I will raise a glass to you all in appreciation. MM988
In order:

To those members of the Armed Forces serving on operations, a Merry Christmas to you.

To those members of the Royal Corps of Signals stagging on in barracks:

- NIGs - this is how the troop staffy's shitlist works. Remember that next year. If you're going to get on it, do it early in the year and it will have blown over
- SNCOs - probably best not to piss the RSM off quite so near to Christmas next year, but you knew that already.
- Junior Officers - One day you will be the Adjt, and get to dick whoever you like for Christmas duties.
- But Merry Christmas to all of you. Certa Cito.

To my friends, acquaintances and other assorted pixelated lifeforms on Arrse, Merry Christmas to one and all.
At work, with a brew and a bit wedge of xmas cake. Humbug!
Twas Christmas day at the workhouse
The loonies were getting thinner
They hadn't had any breakfast
And they weren't going to get any dinner

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