Gun expert shot in hand sues PSNI

From the Beeb....

"Gun expert shot in hand sues PSNI

Mr Woods' lawyers claim the proper safety procedures were not in place
A police weapons specialist who shot himself in the hand is suing the PSNI.

Peter Woods, 50, was dismantling a gun at a police facility in February last year when the accident happened.

It is understood that he removed the magazine from a pistol, but a bullet in the chamber fired into his hand. He recovered from his injury.
Lawyers for Mr Woods claimed in the High Court that proper safety procedures were not in place, and ammunition may have been faulty. "

My bold - Seems as if everyone else is to blame except the cnut who pulled the trigger!!! It's not rocket science, it's a simple unload drill and what the fcuk was the tosser in question doing with one up the spout, hammer back and his hand in front of the muzzel anyway!!!

Looks like a candidate for Met Commissioner has been found after all!
How can he be a gun expert?? What a nugget!
Had he been a Bill Oddie, the words Negligent Discharge would have hit him faster than the bullet. I hope common sense prevails.
Safety procedures weren't in place? If the weapon wasn't NSP'd then he's the only one to blame.

Faulty ammunition? Did it not take enough of his hand off or something?
Get Frank Castle on the case!!
Sadly, he'll probably win. Health and Safety (and Human Rights) law seems to be weighted in favour of those who would otherwise be picking up Darwin Prizes.

Certainly even an 'expert' makes mistakes, but surely displacing the blame for a personal error onto a procedure which he is supposed to be expert in is morally indefensible if nothing else.
I applied for his 'job' & the was 6 post's,I was No. 4 on the shortlist because,unlike the Army,The RAF dont issue a Armourer's cert as it's part of my trade.Of the 6 vacncies,3 had to go to 'catholics' & the other 3 to other religions.
Anyway later on,One of the jobs I done for Sky was in the home of a PSNI Firearms instructor in Ards.He told me a lot of the recent Armourers they had employed were useless & dangerous.Wonder if this is one?
This seems to me to be a bit "dubious" at best:
.... but a bullet in the chamber fired into his hand.
So he never checked to make sure there was no round up the pipe, and this bullet seems to have been fired without the help of a finger on the trigger. Strange indeed!

I reckon this is just a try-on anyway, that's why they used this formulation.



He will win his case I suspect, but with limited damages being awarded as he was partially to blame (should have checked the fking thing first!).
Idiot. What was he doing? Waving his bloody hand in front of it while he pulls the trigger not checking if there is a round in the breach.

Nice expert.
I wonder if he underwent his training with a particular CP outfit with an address due south of his location?
Yeah he probably does. No national , geopolitical or direct Squaddie interest discerned. Moved to a more relevant forum
Wasn't there a case recently where a officer coming off duty did exactly the same thing? Must be something they're taught but I'm damn sure I wouldn't ease springs with my hand over muzzle even if I'd checked the chamber first:D
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