Gun Drill (The Rules of the board)

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There are only a few:

1. No names, or personal details.

2. Do not take things to heart as everyone has an opinion

3. I am the moderator open to intelligent arguments/discussions but not abuse.

4. What happens here, stays here.

5. You may be a Brigadier but you may find yourself being told by a Gunner that what you are talking about is rubbish, do not be offended its just the way ARRSE works. I will have the final decision on problems which arise.

5. Do not write on the walls

6. Obey all the rules.

Please inform other people that we are here so we can get more support for this website and our board in particular.

If you have a problem with a particular member please inform me and i will deal with it (post removal). Also if you need a hand with any subject regarding ARRSE or have a problem please PM me.

Cheers GQ

FM Battery..................
Not open for further replies.

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