Gun crusader arrested - over a gun

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. I hope this stupid cow gets 5 years.
  2. Dunno about that one Armourer, whilst the anti legal gun lobby are just a bunch of lefty tarts, this strikes me more as a genuine mistake by someone that is committed to the removal of illegal firearms from our streets.

    The dozy cow should have handed it in straight away instead of waiting for an amnesty but I can see her point in thinking that she was better off actually waiting for an amnesty before doing so, no matter how misguided that decision was.

    Far better to pick on the "anti legal firearm" lobby than on a grieving mother with a mission. At least her mission appears to be the removal of the firearms that do the damage, i.e. the illegally held ones and not the ones that (if policed correctly) never harm anything more important than paper targets, tomorrows dinner and gypsy burglars (and yes I know that Tony Martins shotgun was unlicensed, but it was still a legitimate target)
  3. Yep 5 is good but I thought it was 10 years for possession?
  4. She knows the law.

    If she can keep a sawn off unlicensed shotgun for 6 months and claim it was a mistake then everyone else can can't they.
  5. Stella, it is not a legitimate target if it's running away, that is a basic principle of the Common Law.

    Can anyone tell me why it needs armed police to seize a weapon that someone wants to hand in anyway? Strikes me as overkill.
  6. I believe armed police were sent because they are able to check the wpn to see if its loaded or not and to make it safe, the average plod may not have a clue how to do this. Can't see it was overkill myself.
  7. Good point to which I have no counter point. Thinking about it like that I agree on the principal of her being stupid and for being stupid she should cop it. If that was you’re original point I misunderstood and I concede.

    I don't care. If someone had habitually burgled my house and I had the opportuity to slot the fcuker in the back in exchange for 5 years inside, I'd reserve my place at Winson Green tomorrow. Just because the law says that things can't be done doesn't make them morally wrong (and please, don't anyone start saying "oh, so rape is right then just because I say so", you know what I mean). Crime is a war and criminals are combatants. If someone fires at you and runs away you are perfectly entitled to slot the fcuker as long as you don't lose sight of him, same with burglars. TM did his time; the pikey he shot will never burgle again. Natural justice served.
  8. Where did she say it was a mistake? Anywhere near where she said she'd do it again?
  9. AN ANTI-gun campaigner whose work was honoured by the Queen ...

    For what? Conspiring to deprive Englishmen of the right and means to defend themselves?
  10. He doesn't say a lot, but what he says is damn fine.

    Come July 4th NWD , we'd like to offer you the chance to desert the rebel alliance :D
  11. :lol: I'll take it under advisement.
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    That is so true NWD - Englishmen do need to defend themselves, after all they are surrounded by real people - especially from the North! :wink:
  13. My point is this lady as done a lot of work with getting these weapons off the streets so I can not understand why she would keep it six months any normal person would have phoned the law straight away

    It is an offence under section 21 of the Firearms Act of 1968 as amended, for anyone convicted of a criminal offence, to handle, possess, or shoot a firearm and ammunition (this includes Air Guns). If the sentence was for more than three years the prohibition is for life; if less than three years the prohibition is for 5 years.
  14. In my little village when I were a lad ( :p ) our nextdoor neighbour had some licensed firearms removed by the police in a similiar manner. The background was that he had given his Mrs a bit of a wack, she'd kicked him out and pressed charges. When the Police nicked him, they asked for his cabinet keys so they could seize his guns, he complied. All fine and dandy, you would have thought...send a FLO around, pop them in the back of a squad car and back to the nick with them. No drama at all.

    OH NO! I come home from my Saturday job to find the whole village in uproar, it seemed that they had sent an Armed response unit 8O around, who had "hut hut hutted" all over the village waving MP5's about and generally being "tactical", they'd even brought a bloody DOG! All for the sake of a couple of over under shotguns locked in a cabinet, and belonging to a bloke who was in custody at the time!! :roll: Even his wife thought it was ridiculous.

    Cracking use of budget there methinks. :lol:
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    As much as I feel she has been a bit of a silly cow it smells of some middle ranking plod looking for promotion by creating "an incident"

    All police constables...and they are all legally constables regardless of rank, have the duty to apply the law with discretion according to the circumstances at the time.

    What ever happened to the concept of "in the public interest" rather than Government and career interest?