Gun crime: Police boss slams judges

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. What got into Mr Hogan-Howe?
  2. A sense of justice?
  3. All that will result from this is that, in order to improve the statistics, they'll whack up the prosecutions and penalties on licensed gun owners who happen to have made an inadvertent technical breach of the law - thats a lot easier than addressing criminal use of guns....
  4. hmmnn...the chief's criticisms also deviate from the usual "let's legalise drugs, increase police powers, go more leniently on criminals, harder on the law abiding" statements they tend to make all too often.
  5. He's becoming more and more out spoken of late.

    I'd like to say it was to do with genuinely giving a sh1t but i suspect he wants a job in the Met when he is finished with Merseyside!
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's all a bit silly. As 4(T) says, all it will do is force judges to sentence individuals in technical breach of the firearms act to 5 years, rather than targetting illegal arms dealers, armed robbers, 'gangstas' etc etc. And it will bring the law into disrepute as yet another 87 year widow is jailed for 5 years for possession of the Lüger her husband brought back from the war and kept in a tea-chest in the loft. Oddly enough, judges are actually paid and employed to use their... er... judgement.
  7. Then, on the other hand, I recall a case from a couple of years back of a severely tanned individual who was apparently a moderately famous musician of some sort (rapper at a guess) who was caught with a loaded pistol in the glove box of his car.

    (No excuse that I can think of there)

    He was not sentenced to the mandatory five years. In fact, if I recall correctly, he didnt even go to jail. What message did that send to all the "gangstas"?
  8. LONDON, England -- A member of British rap group So Solid Crew has been sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders' institution for gun possession.

    Nineteen-year-old Ashley Walters, whose stage name is Asher D, had pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm.

    He was arrested in July 2001 after an argument with a traffic warden in central London.

    So Solid Crew had a number one hit in August 2001 with "21 Seconds" and won the Best British Video for the track at the recent Brit Awards.

    Walters was "greatly relieved" at the outcome, his spokeswoman Nina Santiago said after the court ruling on Monday in London.

    " grateful that the judge felt able to distinguish the facts of the case and Ashley's personal circumstances from the adverse publicity that surrounds the So Solid Crew," she added.

    The group, which has up to 30 members, has been plagued by controversy following the shooting of two men at a gig in London's Astoria last year which forced it to cancel a UK tour.

    And in October, group member Darren Weir, 22, was convicted of breaking a 16-year-old fan's jaw in a Cardiff hotel lobby.

    Walters' lawyer had told the court that Walters had obtained the gun because he had become "scared and paranoid" as his success generated jealousy.

    "Both Ashley and his family trust that communities throughout the UK have time to digest the events which gave rise to him feeling he had no option other than to arm himself for self protection," Santiago said.

    Walters, a father of two, had previously enjoyed success as an actor, appearing in British television dramas "Grange Hill" and "The Bill."

    The judge told him that despite the violence and threats he had repeatedly suffered in the past at the hands of those jealous of his fame, the fact remained he had no "possible justification" for going armed in the way he did.

    However, it was clear he had not fired the weapon or "had in mind to put it to any particular use".

    His early guilty plea, his good character and the many "glowing" testimonials put before the court also stood him in good stead.

    Ok so I got it wrong, he got 18 months. Hardly a deterrent as proved by, only a little while later:

    So Solid star jailed over gun

    Jason Phillips wrote the hit 21 Seconds
    So Solid Crew member Jason Phillips has been jailed for four years after being found guilty of possessing a loaded handgun.
    Phillips, who is known as G-Man and wrote the hit 21 Seconds, dumped the gun as police chased him from the scene of a suspected drugs deal in London's West End.

    Sentencing Phillips, the trial judge said he was certain he had the gun for "bravado and the thrill of having it, rather than the intention of using it".

    Phillips is the second member of the controversial group to receive a custodial sentence for possessing a gun and the band have faced repeated attacks over claims they glamorise gun culture.

    The Victims of Crime Trust condemned Phillips' sentence as "nonsense", and said the judge should have sent out a strong message by handing him a longer prison term.

    It director, Norman Brennan, said Phillips' crime made a farce of his bandmates' participation in a campaign urging young people to stop carrying guns.

    Both should ahve got the "mandatory" 5 years.
  9. There is a big difference between a gun in the attic and possession of a handgun in public place.
  10. Unfortunately, a large proportion of judges are A)senile old farts or B)suspected peadophiles. :roll:

    King Solomon they are not... :evil:
  11. Well done Chief. I wonder if any charges will be preferred re the largest ever seizure of unlawful arms ? That would be at the Gun Dealer licensed by Kent Police.

    Does aiding and abetting also cop a mandatory five years ?

    Then there would be 25 years of firearms certs issued against a range planning consented at max .22 yet certs in excess of this were issued, by Kent Police.

    Was that at the range where notorious criminal Kenneth Noye guest shot with the Kent Police Armed Support team ?

    Specks and Planks Chief ?
  12. interesting! Any links?

  13. Would that be the Mick Sheperd case? respected international dealer and collector of antique and rare weapons

    largest ever seizure of illegal weapons said the police,having raided his home and taken hundreds of "illegal firearms" - he was charged and brought to court...

    Where he was subsequently cleared if ALL charges by the jury!