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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gusset_Major, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. I'm looking to get a shotgun licence and have been looking at gun cabinets. Local suppliers have either single lock or two lock versions. I note that the Home Office Guide says that there should be two locks placed at 1/3 and 2/3 height. Bearing in mind that these are guideleines what might be/is the approach of the local constabulary to gun cabinets and security? The single lock version is cheaper (of course). If it helps I fall within Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.
  2. Just get one from here. Never had any problems with Plod

    Sentinel Gunsafes
  3. got a 12 gun single lock bratton sound gun safe,
    single lock but shoots deadbolts in to all sides of the door, local plod said it was fine.
  4. ive got an old works locker with a shitty padlock on the door and a lenth of chain inside to go through the trigger guards with another shitty padlock on it and never had any bother with renewals!
  5. I had a pump action shotgun on a firearms certificate a few years ago. The local plod turned up to inspect the gun cabinet (2 lock) and stated that I'd gone over the top security wise as a single lock cabinet would have sufficed.

    Fast forward 3 years, my house was burgled. The thieving gypsy Essex *****, popped open my gun cabinet with a screwdriver from my own toolkit.

    Luckily for me and unlucky for the thieving *******, I'd already sold the weapon to a RFD a few weeks previously.

    Forget the cabinet, keep the gat in the boot of your car like most of the dusky population of Laandan Taan.
  6. Anything by brattonsound or sentinel will keep the plod happy. The biggest question though is how big a cabinet! 3, 5 or 7 gun?
  7. Thanks for all the advice. It is appreciated. My pal who is easing me in to field sports has a single lock cabinet. I just wanted to sound out opinion on practice vs guidelines. I intend to get a 5 gun cabinet. I alredy have 2 air guns (.177 and .22) and it will be useful to tidy them away. In the future I anticipate going for a FAC for a .22 and perhaps something bigger for stalking.
  8. Don't forget to secure the key to the cabinet safely, if anyone else can get access to it then you've given access to the guns to an unlicensed individual. Some forces are a bit **** about this.

    I eventually put in a blister with a combination lock and that has finally put an end to it. (Strathclyde)
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    The Home Office stuff is just guidelines that the police chose to use or totally ignore. Get the biggest, best safe you can afford at the time. Second hand is probably best, plenty for sale on shooting websites and the internet. Between 100 and 200 quid will get you a good size, remember if you're looking to stick in air rifles/FAC rifles then you'll need one that can take scoped rifles.

    Also consider a second, smaller safe as suggested for the keys and future FAC ammunition. Have a keypad or combination safe (argos do good ones!) that you can bolt to the wall as well.

    Some cabinets can be opened with a bit of force/minimum tools. Bratton and other top models will reduce the chance of this but will cost more.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Simple answer ask your firearms enquiry officer, if he says in accordance with HO guidelines fine, if not get in the free ad and pay £50 for a used one, there are always plenty available. You dont need to store shotgun ammo in a safe, just safely and you arent required by law to remove bolts from rifles.
  11. The local plod here (Glos) were ok with me using the Norlyx lock secured to the rafters in my roof to secure my shotgun. It seems to vary from Force Area.
  12. Where you keep the keys needs some thought. I hide my spare in my workshop, so it's pretty safe. The one you use day to day needs more thought. If you keep it on your car keyring that means your kids probably have access when you are asleep, or more worryingly perhaps, the wife! The comb safe sounds a good idea as long as you don't forget the combo!
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is an awesome Infac safe going through the Holts auction later today. Lot 126.

    It's pricey but you can rest assured that no ****** will be breaking into it.
  14. If you're after a 2 gun safe , buy a 5 gun one. Once you buy a couple you're on the slippery slope. I own enough to start a small war.
  15. That is very good advice, get as big a cabinet as you can fit into the place you want to put it, it works out cheaper in the long run - only about £20-30 more for a 7-8 gun cabinet against another £120+ for a second two gun.