Gun attack on XMG nick.


Shots have been fired at a police station in County Armagh.

The gun attack happened at about 2130 GMT on Sunday when a car pulled up at the gates of the police station in Crossmaglen.

Two people fired a number of shots at the building. No-one was injured in the attack.

The gunmen made off in the direction of Cullaville. It is the second gun attack on the base in a month. On 30 December, a number of shots were fired.

Dissident republicans are thought to be responsible for the attacks.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Terry Hearty said: "Any shooting is a worry for the people in the town. I just want to totally and utterly condemn it.

"It is not doing any good for the town. We have a number of major developments over the last number of years.

"We have a new hotel in the town, we have a major shopping complex on the edge of the town. None of this is doing any good to the people of south Armagh."

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