Gun and Grenade attack in Liege

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Is it surprising, weapons of all types are freely available in Belgium, if you want explosives just dig a hole? They have enough: fruitcakes, separatists, islamists and kiddy fiddlers to keep Europe's combined police forces occupied for a century, no leadership whatsoever, no history and no future.

    If it sounds as if I don't like them, one evil ****ing Belgian bitch tried to hang her bastard son on me, DNA evidence tipped up just in time!
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  2. His Farthur was an 'amster?
  3. The Germans blame the British and Waterloo for that abortion of a country!
  4. The buffer state of Belgium was, like Israel, created by a British act of parliament. Strange how everything parliament touches turns to ****ing shit!
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  5. From the Telegraph:

    'The man, about 40 years old, threw multiple explosives towards a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, according to the Belga press agency. Witnesses heard four explosions, the agency said.

    Le Soir newspaper said two people were killed as the man began his attack outside a bakery at midday. Several smaller explosions that could have been gunfire were heard.

    The Karachi Post in Pakistan claimed that the attack was linked to a sentence in an honour killing case. It said the parents of Sadia Sheikh were sentenced on Monday when there had been a bomb alert in the court.

    There are reports of a second gunman on the loose. Gaspard Grosjean, a journalist for La Meuse Liege, is tweeting from the scene. He says a security cordon has been put up around the cathedral area.

    "People are forced to take refuge in shops. Fear of other shooters," he tweeted.'
  6. Beer, Guns and Women. All things they are known for doing well. I have to say this one could have been worse.
  7. FFS ,so a pakistani goes nuts because his parents get a tough jail sentence for killing their daughter?
  8. We were long overdue another big one. I'm amazed it took this long.
  9. Ah darkies was it. I just lost a bet on Greek nationalists giving it to the EU with both barrels.
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  10. Give it time...
  11. I have just heard that the entire French Army has surrendered
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nah, sorry cernunnos. You are out of touch with the modern world, on account of being an old fart. The Belgians have given us many things. Including Plastic Bertrand.




    And The King of Belgium.
  13. Where was Bruno Mars when you need him?
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